Elvis Presley will be the subject of a new, but, yet to be titled HBO documentary from Sony Pictures. The new documentary about the King of Rock and Roll will finish filming in late November and will debut on the popular cable network in the upcoming months.

New information on music Legend Elvis Presley revealed

The Elvis Presley documentary release date will be announced in the near future and will most likely air in the early months of 2017. The film will delve into Presley's life and career in music and is directed by the award-winning Thom Zeny.

The documentary is written by Alan Light and will be a three-hour, two film mini-series that promises fans a deep look into Elvis' childhood through his 1976 final recording sessions.

What will be so different about this new Elvis film? The HBO project will focus more on Elvis the man and his unique style and popular appeal with fans that skyrocketed the legend's music career and has kept alive his legend and popularity nearly forty years after his shocking death on August 16th, 1977. Twenty new interviews will be revealed as well as never-before-seen pictures and private footage shot from Elvis' Graceland home.

Lisa Marie Presley death hoax makes headlines

As previously reported, the Presley family and all information pertaining to them remain a popular subject for Elvis fans of all ages.

Everything from Elvis Presley sightings to news over this past weekend that Elvis' daughter, Lisa Marie Presley had died.

The fake Facebook page relating to the hoax had close to one million viewers posting comments and condolences in just a few short hours. The page was later reported as yet another celebrity death hoax. Lisa's rep released a statement saying that Lisa Marie was very much alive, and cautioned fans about believing Internet posts from non-reputable sources.

Before the death hoax, Lisa Marie last made news headlines when it was announced over the summer that she had entered a Los Angeles rehab facility for help in kicking a prescription pain pill addiction following the news of her recent divorce and custody battle for her twin daughters from her fourth husband Michael Lockwood.

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