On Wednesday afternoon, Donald Trump held his first press conference since being elected president, and had a lot to say about the recent alleged Russian blackmailing story reported by CNN and Buzzfeed. After the press conference came to a close, top Celebrities gave their thoughts on Twitter.

Trump backlash

CNN broke an exclusive story Tuesday night that claimed Russia had planned to blackmail Donald Trump after obtaining private information about the president-elect. Buzzfeed took their reporting even further, which alleged that the Kremlin had personal information about Trump's private sexual habits.

As expected, Trump and his transition team quickly dismissed the allegations, as the billionaire real estate mogul lashed out on Twitter on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, referring to the report as "fake news." When Trump arrived at his press conference at Trump Tower, he continued his denial of the report, hitting back at CNN and Buzzfeed in the process. In response, various celebrities took to their Twitter accounts on January 11 to give their thoughts.

"It's like watching a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.," author Stephen King wrote on his Twitter account.

In a follow-up tweet, King wrote of the press conference, "Goodness, that was a train wreck." Actor George Takei, a vocal critic of Donald Trump, roasted the president-elect and took aim at the alleged "golden shower" story released by Buzzfeed. "Trump says the report is fake news and a witch hunt," Takei wrote, before adding, 'Just ask his buddy, Bladder-mir."

Director Judd Apatow also chimed in, first targeting Donald Trump for refusing to take a press conference question from CNN, while labeling them "fake news." "So all of his surrogates have been fake?" Apatow asked.

In a second post on the issue, Apatow focused on Trump appearing to blame the intelligence community for leaking the original report to CNN, asking, "So Trump thinks our intelligence community is filled with genocidal murderers?"

Celebrity anger

While many comments were made with humor, one celebrity wasn't laughing at what he saw during the press conference.

Director Rob Reiner has been a critic or Donald Trump for sometime, and expressed his frustration with the mainstream media for not going after the former host of "The Apprentice."

"MSM-UTTER FAILURE! Ask one pointed Q then pin him down on answer. 3 part Q's allow him to obfuscate," Reiner wrote on Twitter, before noting, "Didn't answer DT/Putin collision issue!" As Trump continues his war of words with the media and Hollywood, it doesn't look like his celebrity critics will be keeping quiet anytime soon.