Welcome to the middle of the week, guys. It's time to fill you end on what the back half has in store, starting with tomorrow's Thursday "Days Of Our Lives" January 12th, 2017 episode spoiler scoops. We've got quite a bit of reveals going on with this one, thanks to our wonderful TV Guide sources. Apparently, JJ is going to have urgent news for Gabi, which will really get her curiosity flowing. There's a possible fight situation going down with Andre and Deimos, and more!

Kate gets the blame

Lets get this session started with some scoops we've learned about Eduardo.

It turns out that he is really going to be under the belief that Kate is a big, fat thief and actually stole the device that has supposedly gone missing. If that weren't enough, he's going to end up, springing this intel on Dario. Will Dario ultimately believe what he's pitching? Or will he shrug it off until further prove is available? Hopefully, those questions will get answered right away.

Who's going to win?

Next, we learn that a pretty serious problem is going to arise between Deimos and Andre at some point as they describe that these two are going to get into a confrontation situation. There's no elaboration on this, indicating whether or not this altercation escalates to something physical and violent, so it's definitely going to be interesting to see how this scene plays out.

Very important news for Gabi, or is it?

In this next reveal, we've got something very interesting that's taking place with JJ and Gabi. Apparently, he's going to give her a call and make it sound urgent as hell, saying that he has some really important information that he needs to give her! This will, of course, cause her to become very curious.

Will this wild info really be serious enough to warrant the amount of significance that he's placed on it? Or will it end up being a dud that Gabi just laughs at?

Oh, wait a minute. It looks like we got some elaboration on this so-called important meeting. It turns out that it's going to fall more on the dud side of things as my Soapcentral sources reveal that it's only going to be to talk about what her brother and father have been doing as of late.

And she's totally going to be taken back by how unimportant it actually is. Way to go JJ.

The crazy reaction

Finally, we got the last scoop of the day. It turns out that Deimos and Nicole are going to have some news that they will be presenting to Brady at some point. We couldn't get any extra intel on what this news will actually be about, but it's going to ,apparently, spark a very shocking reaction from Brady. What is he going to do? Who will his shocking actions effect? These will be some very interesting questions for this particular plotline. Stay tuned.