Did “General Hospital” come on today? No. There was no new GH on Wednesday, January 18th. Why? President Obama made his final speech as POTUS and that meant a pre-emption. Instead, ABC showed a rerun of the Thanksgiving 2016 “GH” where Tracy forced the other Qs to share a meal together.

'GH' on Thursday, but not on Friday!

“General Hospital” will also be pre-empted on Friday, January 20th for the Trump inauguration, but here are some “GH” spoilers for Thursday, January 19th to get you ready. Elizabeth will head to Gene’s Branford Roadhouse (funny how they always say all three names) and find Franco’s phone.

It’s got blood splattered on it and she knows that that’s not good. Elizabeth also caught Alexis coming out of the AA meeting at “GH” and suspects she might have killed Tom. Kiki told Elizabeth that Franco said the killer was related to someone he had hurt. That drew a straight line for Elizabeth to Alexis.

Can former enemies unite for a shared cause?

Elizabeth goes to Sam instead of Alexis and tells her what she found, and that she suspects that Franco is in trouble, and has concerns about her mother. Sam decides to investigate with Elizabeth, and they strike a bargain that even if Alexis or Franco is guilty, they will deal with it. It's an uneasy truce at best!

The wedding is still going on and Griffin asks Nina about Claudette, and doubts she committed suicide.

Griffin goes gunning for Valentin. Things get physical, little Charlotte overhears and runs to hide in the linen closet. Lulu unwisely decides it’s the perfect time to tell her she’s her bio-mom.

Valentin vs. everyone

When Griffin assaults Valentin, Anna recovers another memory. She is convinced that Valentin did shady things to her at the WSB training academy and may have touched her inappropriately without permission.

Anna goes a round with Valentin and tries to slap the smug off his face. It will be epic!

Over at Chez Davis, Ava drops by with some booze and offers Alexis a drink. She’s figured out that Alexis and Julian are keeping secrets and wants answers. Meanwhile, Julian discovers his secret mob tormenter is big sis Olivia Jerome that he shot a few decades ago.

Whoops. Worst family reunion ever.

New Franco/Alexis murder suspect promo video!

While “GH” was not on today, the producers did throw us a bone and released a promo video about Tom’s murder. Watch it below. There’s a blend (as usual) of new shots and recycled. Franco and Alexis are named murder suspects and a body bag is zipped up. Good riddance to the rapist!

In the video, Alexis tells Sam she may have killed Tom but can’t remember. Liz finds the bloody phone. There’s a replay of Tom drugging Franco made to look like a new incident. Strangely, the clip closes with Sonny saying, “You know who did it, don’t you?” That’s a scene about the car bomb (sigh).

More exciting 'General Hospital' spoilers

Get ready for the last “General Hospital” of the week tomorrow, on Thursday, January 19th. The good news is, it’s a “big episode” according to Nathan Varni. The bad news is, we must wait until Monday to see more "GH."

Also coming soon on "GH," it’s looking more and more like Seth Baker killed his brother, Morgan may be back if Bryan Craig gets his way, and Olivia Jerome will be thrilled to meet Duke’s hunky son Griffin since he looks so much like her circa 1990 obsession.

New “GH” murder suspect promo video: