Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" peeps. We're back with another two storyline spoiler reveal for tomorrow's Thursday January 26th,2017 episode. We've got Thomas complaining ,yet again, about not ever being considered for the CEO position. Then Ridge gets pretty shocked by an offer that Quinn has presented to him, and more!

Why can't I be CEO?

We'll go ahead and go over this Thomas situation, first. Apparently, he is still going to be highly pissed off that Eric or whoever did not even consider that he would be a great candidate to run the company aka be the CEO.

In fact, he's going to be so upset that he's going to feel the need to express it, once again! They point out that this time, he's going to make it absolutely, crystal clear how he feels about the whole situation, because I guess he didn't make it clear enough the last time.

Whatever the case, he's going to be back at it again, ripping someone a new a-hole over this. Will anyone listen to his bickering? Or even consider that he may have some sort of point or case to his madness? Those will be some really important questions that will need to be answered, hopefully soon, so they can either give him what he wants, or tell him to shut the hell up about it for good.

She's surprisingly generous

Next, in this second and last scoop, we've got yet another situation going on with Quinn, and they make it sound extremely intriguing too.

Apparently, Quinn is going to cook up some sort of proposal for Ridge, and they point out that it's going to be extremely generous. So much, in fact, that when she finally presents it to him, it's really going to startle him!

The question, here, is will Ridge be so stunned that he can't even answer the lady? Or will he jump right on her offer without hesitation?

These are two very interesting questions that I hope they answer in this one. If they don't, then they'll definitely need to answer them in the next one. Don't keep us hanging!

Alright, guys. That's another spoiler session for the books, but as always, there could be a promo clip release later on today on the show's official Youtube channel, so keep an eye out for that, and we'll see you guys tomorrow to reveal how they'll be closing out the week with Friday's scoops. Stay tuned.