Tuesday on "The Bold and the Beautiful" at the Forrester mansion, Quinn thanked both Steffy and Pam for their help for the upcoming festivities. They all agreed that Eric is very important to them. Steffy confirmed that she will make sure that the other family members will come over for Thanksgiving. "I'm doing it for my grandfather, Quinn." she said dryly.

Alone, Quinn reached out to Steffy, but Steffy was resistant. "We have a truce for the holidays, let's not threaten it, okay?" she said defiantly. Quinn made her case that she would feel unhappy knowing that Wyatt will be alone for Thanksgiving.

She pointed out how hard it would be for him to sit across the table from her and Liam. Steffy shrugged that he'll just have to get over it. Quinn made a humble request for her to talk to Wyatt, and ask him to join the Forrester family for Thanksgiving dinner.

Steffy calls Wyatt over

When Wyatt came over upon Steffy's request, she told him that she needs help for Thanksgiving -- his presence at the table. "Wyatt, I want you here," she pressed. But Wyatt was not too excited about it. Still heartbroken, he admitted that it was too soon for him to suffer through the fact that they are no longer together, and that she is now with Liam. Steffy gently suggested that maybe attending the dinner will help them to understand why this all happened, leaving Wyatt to wonder if her love for him in the beginning was actually real.

She stated that she will always cherish their memories together, but they probably shouldn't have been married, due to his mother's dirty tricks. "Being married to you was the best time of my life," he confessed.

He even went on to tell her that he misses her.

Steffy tearfully pleaded with him to start afresh tomorrow at dinner, and he replied by saying that maybe he can stop by. Steffy was grateful.

Rick and Maya weigh in

At Forrester, Rick and Maya talked to Zende. "We know we asked a lot, Zende," Maya said, but Zende countered with the fact that they had already received a child from Nicole.

Zende expressed remorse and regret for his actions. In defense, he told them straight out that he doesn't want to spend his life with Sasha, but with Nicole. As he got ready to leave, Nicole was entering the room. She apologized for interrupting, but Rick and Maya encouraged her to stay. Rick reminded her about Thanksgiving at his father's home, and he and Maya left with the reminder that Thanksgiving is a holiday about forgiveness.

Zende and Nicole talk

Nicole revealed to Zende that she is still pretty hurt, and Zende wished that he could undo everything that was causing her pain.

He told her again that he loves her, and only her. "It's true...you're the only woman I want." he repeated, but Nicole was doubtful. He explained that the reason why he turned to Sasha was because he was hurt, and he felt that she didn't want the life that they had been planning together. Nicole lamented that everything she heard from him were just words.

Zende makes a declaration

"You need more than words? I'll give you more than words," he proclaimed, and showed her a ring box in his hand. He opened the box and said that they will tell the family during Thanksgiving dinner that they are engaged, but a sobbing Nicole told him that she can't marry him. But Zende wasn't backing down. As a compromise, he urged her to come to the family dinner, since he considers her to be his family.

"I understand you don't want to accept it today, I get that...but you will, BE my wife, Nicole."

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