In the days since Inauguration Day, Donald Trump and his transition team have continued their feud with the mainstream media. During his first official press conference, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had some strong words for the news media, which didn't go over well on Twitter.

Spicer trolled

When Donald Trump was sworn into office last Friday, close to 200,000 people were there to witness the new president take the oath of office. The projected crowd size was not a number that the administration was happy about, which prompted Trump and his team to accuse the media of deflating the attendance to undermine his inauguration.

Sean Spicer addressed members of the press over the weekend and repeated the Trump talking point. In addition, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway spoke to "Meet the Press" host Chuck Today, and backed up Spicer's comments as "alternative facts." When Spicer held his press conference on Monday, social media was quick to fire back, as seen on various Twitter feeds on January 23.

During the aforementioned press conference, Sean Spicer said "sometimes we can disagree with the facts," while hitting back at the press for their alleged "negative" and "demoralizing" media coverage of Donald Trump.

Many thought Spicer came across as easily offended and triggered, and took it out on the new press secretary.

Celebrities speak

"Breaking News: Sean Spicer is an idiot," horror author Stephen King was quick to point out on his Twitter feed.

Comedian Sarah Silverman also chimed in, giving her thoughts on the Spicer press conference. "At the end of every press conference the last question should be 'Do u swear to God that everything u said today is the truth?'"

"Trump just sent his Press Secretary out to lie about the numbers at his inauguration," "Star Trek" actor George Takei wrote on Twitter, while adding, "Guess all those pictures of must be fake, too.


Media backlash

"THESE are the people who refer to their opponents as 'snowflakes???' MSNBC host Joy Reid rhetorically asked on Twitter, also adding, "Jesus." In a follow-up tweet, Reid wrote, "This is amazing. Sean Spicer is literally begging for the media to say nice things about them, because it hurts when we don't. My god."

"Oh, @seanspicer says 'it's a little demoralizing' for Trump to hear people say the crowd was not so big," David Corn of "Mother Jones" tweeted, before adding, "Oh, poor baby." Corn didn't stop there, also tweeting, "@seanspicer keeps denying there was a rift between Trump & intel community.

Yet it was Trump who compared IC to 'Nazi Germany.'"

Next up

The rift between Donald Trump and the news media doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon. Due to the former host of "The Apprentice" pushing to delegitimize the press during the election, many of his supporters no longer trust traditional outlets for news and information, and now rely on right-wing websites and the billionaire real estate mogul's Twitter feed.