Lala Kent and James Kennedy have been close friends for years, but recently, they were seen in a tense moment on "Vanderpump Rules." In a clip from last week's episode of the Bravo TV reality series, Kent was seen confronting Kennedy about the rumors claiming he cheated on his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, while Kennedy turned the tables and questioned Kent about her allegedly married boyfriend.

After defending himself by claiming he hooked up with Ellie in 2015, prior to his relationship with Leviss, Kennedy took aim at Kent's "lies" about her rumored relationship with a man who was reportedly married with children.

“Are you lying to me about your relationship? ‘Cause I’ve had all the girls ask me if you’re seeing a married man. I’ve had Tom and Ariana constantly asking me,” Kennedy asked Kent, according to a report by the Inquisitr. Then, in response, Lala Kent said that the man she is "in love with" was not married.

James Kennedy thinks Lala Kent's boyfriend is 'probably' married

After Kent explained to Kennedy that her man wasn't married, Kennedy appeared to become frustrated with his co-star and friend and later admitted that he believes the mystery man is “probably” married. However, he additionally claimed that he doesn't care if Kent's boyfriend is married. Instead, he appeared to be bothered by Kent's alleged decision to lie to her friends about her relationship.

Lala Kent has never confirmed the identity of her boyfriend

While Kent has spoken out about her relationship on "Vanderpump Rules" and on social media, she has not yet confirmed who her mystery man is -- and it is unclear why she's chosen to keep his identity a secret. Although Kent could easily shut down the ongoing rumors claiming she is dating a married man by revealing who her boyfriend actually is, she has not done so and does not appear to have any plans to do so in the near future.

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