It looks like these 2 "besties" were closer than anyone originally thought. Eva Gutowski and Meredith Foster are both popular YouTube vloggers with over 14 million subscribers and 7 million Instagram followers combined. The two stars are supposed BFFs and have even nicknamed themselves the "Savage Squad" -- a friend group that also consists of Teala Dunn and Sierra Furtado. Eva is also openly bisexual and came out to the public on September 1st. She's even alluded to her and Meredith's secret not-just-friendly relationship in the past when she tweeted this:

Now, it looks like Eva and Meredith might have unintentionally confirmed that they're in a romantic relationship, thanks to social media and Eva's untrustworthy guy pal.


When and where these videos took place isn't 100% known, but they were posted yesterday to an online forum named Lipstick Alley. In their post, a user named "guapguru" wrote the following:

"After their little Disney adventure Teala, Meredith, and Eva went back to a hotel room with their boyfriends. Now we all knew how they got down but Eva's boyfriend pulled out his camera and put this on snapchat. That's Teala standing in the first shot (idk what she was doing) and the two girls making out and dry humping are Meredith (bottom) and Eva (top)."

Who is Adam Bartoshesky?

The screenshots of Eva and Meredith were taken by Adam Bartoshesky a.k.a. "Captain Barto," a model and photographer that Eva started hanging out with this week.

In the videos, Eva and Meredith are clearly on top of each other and appear to be kissing passionately. Teala Dunn also appears in the first video but is gone by the second. Snapchat stories naturally disappear in 24 hours, but the videos were up for an even shorter time because Adam deleted them after an hour. Whether Eva or Meredith told him to is unknown.

Captain Barto's been a recent star in some of Eva's daily vlogs and it's not clear if the pair also have a sexual relationship together. According to fans, Adam's notorious for filming Eva at inappropriate times and uploading those clips to his Snapchat story. And since Eva and Meredith were both preoccupied, it can be assumed that they didn't give Adam consent to film them or post their interaction on Snapchat.