This has been a terrible weekend for Trisha Paytas. The 28-year-old YouTuber and TV Personality was shocked to discover that her boyfriend, Sean Van Der Wilt has been cheating on her with a man. Trisha has released 5 videos about the situation in the span of two days, but it wasn't until the third video that she officially let her audience know that she believes Sean Van Der Wilt is gay. That video currently has over 591,000 views, 17,088 likes and 6,421 dislikes on her channel.


It looks like Trisha might've made a mistake in deciding to air out her frustrations.

Some of her fans have turned on her, claiming that it wasn't okay for her to out Sean as gay without his consent.

Meghan Tonjes, a fellow YouTuber, condemned Trisha for her actions.

On the contrary, many of her subscribers have defended her choice.

Trisha was clearly very distraught in all of her recent videos, and her fans are claiming that could've clouded her judgment.

Trisha's defense

Trisha claims in her recent videos that her intention was not to out Sean.

"Beyond anything that happened, this is not the person that I want to be. I don't want to be the person that hurts someone I love.

I just never felt so betrayed and I felt like I had to hurt back. I don't know anything and I shouldn't have done any of those videos. It was all screenshots sent to me and stupid speculation."

Trisha also claims that she'll be deleting all of the videos relating to the situation, but the damage seems to already be done. Rumors have been circulating since the beginning of their relationship that Sean may be gay, and Trisha confirming it has only strengthened those claims.

Sean's response

Trisha reports that Sean has refused to answer any of her messages or calls. The singer has also removed comments from his Instagram page and deleted several pictures of him and Trisha together. He has yet to respond to any of the cheating or gay rumors on any of his social platforms. In her last video, Trisha apologizes to him several times and promises that she won't contact him again.