"Walking Dead" fans are abuzz today believing that they may have uncovered a big Easter egg that revealed on Sunday night's airing that Daryl may have gotten a message through to Rick using Morse Code. Did you notice that at the beginning of the show the camera flashed to a poster hanging on the wall of Rick's home of the Morse Code chart?

If you haven't seen Sunday's show turn back now, spoilers below!

The 'Walking Dead' communication between brothers, Rick and Daryl message revealed?

Well, if you missed that tidbit you may have also missed what some die-hard fans claim was a scene between Rick and Daryl at Alexandria making some serious eye contact with each other after Negan denied them the opportunity to speak to each other.

The scene everyone is talking about shows Daryl looking hard into Rick's eyes, but blinking in a weird pattern.

What first looked as though Daryl was just having trouble focusing his vision through his swollen eyes may have been their way of communicating, with Daryl telling Rick with his eyes that he was okay in a way that went unnoticed by Negan.

Are Rick and company smarter than they reveal on the 'Walking Dead'?

Fans have spent the night de-coding what Daryl's blinks could have been quietly saying to Rick, and to the best of their knowledge the series of odd blinks in Morse Code meant just that, he was okay. Could it be that Rick and the group spent some time behind the walls of Alexandria learning to use Morse Code should the situation arise to keep in contact with each other?

At this time it has not been confirmed, but it sure is an interesting theory, and should it prove true, then Rick and Daryl in the near future stand a real chance at plotting to take Negan down when he is least expecting it. Something to consider. Another surprise/non-surprise came when Rick admitted to Michonne that Judith was NOT his biological daughter and that his former friend/enemy Shane had actually fathered her.

Rick detailed the weeks to Michonne that led up to his return to Lori and Carl, and how it was his duty to protect Judith with his life. See, "Walking Dead" fans? Rick is still a stand-up guy despite how things may look at this time.

Some fans are calling the storyline between Rick and Negan boring, calling for Rick to man-up and just take Negan out sooner rather than later.

But, all "Walking Dead" comic fans are well aware that things are just beginning to set up in the story for Rick and company to engage in all-out war in the future. And, when it does all finally come to a head all hell will break loose -- making the past battles Rick and the group have fought look like a walk in the park compared to what is yet to come.

So, what are your thoughts on Sunday night episode of the "Walking Dead" Do you agree, or disagree with the Morse Code theory?