Soap actor Corey Sligh has been arrested on child molestation charges. Daytime soap fans may recognize actor Corey Sligh, who is best known for his roles on daytime TV soaps "Days Of Our Lives" and "The Young and the Restless" as an extra. Sligh portrayed a bartender/waiter on both soaps with his most memorable scene taking place on "Days" with he popular character Sonny.

'Days' actor arrested in Georgia

Corey Sligh was arrested and booked in Georgia in October after a police report was filed in September by the parents of a 10-year-old girl who claims that Sligh sexually molested their young daughter.

Reports from the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department confirmed the reports of Sligh's arrest revealing that the alleged molestation took place between the months of April and September.

Corey Sligh claims he is innocent!

Officers arrested and booked Corey on October 14th. He was later released the same day after posting a $22,000 bond. The former "Days" and "Y&R" soap extra claims he is innocent and tells celebrity news site TMZ that he plans on fighting through these accusations, adding that the "truth will prevail."

Corey Sligh last made media news in 2014 after the celebrity news site reported that the soap actor had been beaten up on Thanksgiving after a violent altercation in the parking lot of a Los Angeles drugstore.

Reports reveal that Sligh and his girlfriend had been in the process of delivering Thanksgiving dinner to a friend when they encountered a car being driven recklessly in the parking lot. After being hit by the car, Sligh was beaten up by the two men who were later arrested and charged with assault.

Sligh was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was treated for injuries, the most serious being a broken arm.

Since the 2014 parking lot beating Corey has remained mostly quiet on social media. In his most recent post, in June of 2015, Corey shared a video clip from "Days" in a scene with Sonny, who is played by Freddie Smith.

TMZ also reports that they have contacted Corey Sligh's reps for comment on the child molestation accusations and arrest but no one has responded on the matter at this time.