Elvis Presley fans - behold an Elvis sighting has been revealed.It has been reported that Elvis Aaron Presley, The King of Rock and Roll is not dead! In fact, the reports claimthat Elvis, who would be 81-years-old today has been spotted on his old stomping grounds of Graceland.There has even been a video uploaded to YouTube that allegedly shows Elvis working as a groundskeeper at his Tennessee home.

Elvis spotted at Graceland.

The video reveals an elderly man dressed in a tee shirt and jeans with choppy sideburns and a long white ponytail hidden under a ball cap working on the lawn of Elvis' home.

The person who uploaded the video surveillance claims the tape had been taken from Graceland security and that the man in the video is Elvis Presley. Check out the video below.

He gave a secret sign.

They also say that the King has even given a secret sign to let others know he is alive and well. That said sign is described as two fingers lifted to his head in a V sign to indicate he is alive. If you watch the video and look closely and maybe even squint your eyes you may find that the man in the video resembles Presley a little, maybe.

Did Elvis Presley fake his death?

Believers state that they can tell it is Presley by his gait and long arms. Another clue the site claims is that when EP was in his twenties he broke the pinky of his right hand and that such evidence of the injury is revealed in the video.

The YouTube channel also claims that they have verified the man to be Elvis Presley. Elvis died in 1977 at the age of 42 following a massive heart attack according to most of the world. However, since his death, there have been countless alleged sightings and conspiracy theories reported. The biggest theory claimed that Presley faked his death and went into hiding.

One such conspiracy theorist, Mickey Moran claims he has spent decades studying Presley's death and things just do not add up.

Death hit fans hard.

The death hit millions of fans had and many just could not believe Elvis was really dead. It was rumored that a wax figure resembling Presley was used during the funeral viewing.

Another crazy theory revealed some claimed that Elvis was heavily drugged and was just appearing to be dead, but was seen by fans sweating inside his casket.

Autopsy report not yet public.

One final fact, Elvis Presley's autopsy report, and death certificate have yet to be revealed to the public.It is said the papers will go public 50-years after Elvis' death, which will be August 16, 2027.Do you believe there is a one in a million chance that Elvis faked his death and is alive, or is this just more hype to make a quick buck?