Next episodes

A few days ago, some titles and synopses about the next episodes of the series leaked. First, we got the titles and summaries of episodes 62 to 65, and then the synopsis of episodes 62 and 63. On episodes 64 and 65 we will witness the appearance of a Supreme God, the Judgement day, the fusion between Black and Zamasu. Still, let’s recall that these titles are non-official and correspond to the Japanese magazine NewType, which is highly reliable, but it’s not part of theDragon Ball franchise, and does not share official information with other magazines such as V-Jump, Shonen Jump and SakyoJump.

Returning to the topic, if all this information is true, we shall see a super warrior, a real and immortal Supreme God. But there is another question lurking around. What is the reason behind this fusion between the 2 villains? On the very next lines, we will show you…

The possible reason behind Zamasu and Black’s fusion

As we all know, Black has a great power since he is the combination of Goku’s body, with that of Zamasu from the past, which gives us as a result an enhanced warrior, and his ally is the immortal Zamasu from the future. Both of them are formidable warriors, so…why would they fusion themselves? First, the fact that Zamasu is immortal doesn’t make him powerful, only resistant to any kind of attack, including disintegration and slicing, since his body will just reunite.

It is probable that Zamasu from the future wants to try new techniques, or even taste a bit of Goku’s power. Also, we have already seen Zamasu telling Trunks that he is not interested in fighting mortals as an immortal. He wants to show them his full potential, meaning, he wants to toy with them.

It is obvious that Black and Zamasu want to show the Z-Warriors how powerful they can be, this being a possible reason why they want to merge an immortal body (such as the one of Zamasu from the future), with the most powerful warrior of the 7th Universe (Black).

This may very well be the reason why they want to fusion themselves to face Goku, Trunks and Vegeta, but this may not be all. They will surely want to destroy Earth, and start travelling across the different timelines and Universes, destroying all in their path. Let’s recall that they have already eliminated the Super Dragon Balls from future Trunks’ timeline. Which method will the Z-Warriors use to stop Zamasu and Black forever? Is the Ma-fuu-ba the answer to defeat them?