Brit writer and comedienne Miranda Hart may be one of the funniest girls on either side of the Atlantic. This funny lady debuted serious weight lossrecently and proved that "Call the Midwife" Chummy (Hart's most transatlantic role) has lost the dowdy and found her sexy. Miranda joins fellow funny girl and "Spy" co-star Melissa McCarthy in shedding impressive pounds. The only thing one could wish for is that Hart would unwrap that newfound phat.

Funny Miranda Hart is seriously good at her job

On her eponymous and hilarious show "Miranda,"Hart plays the comic and awkward buffoon.

This stereotype is reprised in "Call the Midwife" where she acts the bumbling, kindly Camilla "Chummy" Noakes nee Fortescue-Cholmondeley-Browne. The actor's full name is almost as much of a mouthful--Miranda Katherine Hart Dyke. But in both cases, the funny fat girlis an act. Both Chummy and Miranda have razor-sharp wit, flawless timing, perfectly coordinated group dynamic and a stellar bedside manner. Both are top-drawer in their respective jobs. Enjoy this impromptu skit between Miranda and Sam Neill on "The Graham Norton Show."

"Fat girl" gets phat

At 6 foot 1, Miranda Hart is not petite and never will be. But she has always had curves that won't quit. Unfortunately, the "My, What I Call, Live Show" comedienne has always felt the need to shroud that curvylicious bod under twin sets.

OnlyluckyPC Noakes(Ben Caplan) got to see her banging body. Miranda never wears anything but trouser suits, multi-layered unflattering, booty-covering shirts. Understandably, Hart has to dress this way for the early-1960s period piece "Call the Midwife." But even off-camera Hart's garments are (it must be said) dumpy. One doesn't ask that the actress go Kim Kardashianbut displaying a little cleavage and butt couldn't hurt.

At least bare the arms? You got the phat, honey, now flaunt it!

About that weight loss...

It wasn't really a transformation but a reformation. Hart says she doesn't wear obesity well and is naturally lean. However by age 40 she had packed on a lot of weight, so much so that she felt she was in a "fat suit." Not wishing to diss naturally plump folk, Miranda hurries to add that if she was fat by nature, she'd just adjust her body image and love her body.

But Hart loves to eat. Being more comfortable in slender skin, she knew that diet and exercise were in order. At 43, Chummy is tickety-boo. Here's another scream-aloud interview for your laughing pleasure.