Selena Gomez is back in rehab again and if you're wondering the reason, take your pick. The former Disney child star was diagnosed with lupus and folks were concerned that was related. Gomez also debuted amazing weight lossrecently which could be down to online bullying after her breakup with Justin Bieber. Gomez has struggled with body image issues, depression, anxiety and panic attacks. What's the story behind this most recent mental health retreat?

Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend or Selena Gomez

The "I Want You to Know" singer is a star in her own right but her relationship with kiddie heartthrob Justin Bieber overshadowed that.

"Justena" took on a life of its own--they were the teenBrangelina and their breakup rivaled the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce. Selena was memed "Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend" and when unflattering bikini pictures surfaced, fat-shaming bullies suggested weight gain drove Biebs away. That had to have caused some depression.

Fat-shaming, big body love and weight loss

What trolls called obesity was just a size-too-small bikini. Pictures after swimming show an askew too-tight top (aka underboob nip slip, a common bathing suit wardrobe malfunction). The straps of the bikini bottom made her look pudgy. Her autoimmune disease lupus could also cause weight gain. Gomez bit back that she was secure in her body image.

But bullying must have gotten to Gomez because she dieted like crazy. It's funny how big body love preachers also want to shed pounds (Whitney Way Thore--talking to you). Where's all that self-confidence then? There are probably plenty of obese people who would love to be "fat" like Selena Gomez.

Back to rehab

20 pounds lost, the "Wizards of Waverly Place" star doesn't seem to have lost emotional health problems.

Gomez returned to the Tennessee-based facility she signed into in 2014. Her goal is to focus on healing chronic anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Chevy Chase went back to substance abuse rehab on this same tune-up principle. Josh Duggar just got out of sex addiction rehab and his recovery has been questioned. You have to wonder how often one-shot rehabilitation treatment do the trick and how high recidivism is in mental health facilities.