Two weeks ago, Amanda Cerny publicly ended her friendship with Lele Pons. The two are social media stars who started out together on Vine, a popular video sharing app. According to Amanda, she stopped talking to Lele after discovering that she had been deleting her successfulYouTube videos and Instagram posts for over six months. Amanda hasn't been shy about sharing her side of the story, but Lele has made absolutely no commentsabout the situation (except for some super vague and indirect tweets). Now, it seems like her ex-bff has found herself a new person to collab and hang out with.

Who's the new girl?

Hannah Stocking is a 24-year-old model and fellow Internet personality. She currently has over 2 million followers on Instagram and has been featured in several of the top Viner's videos, including KingBach, Destorm, and Liane V. She and Lele recently started postingpictures together and collaborating on videos. It looks like Lele and Hannah started hanging out a couple months ago, which is exactly when Lele and Amanda's friendship apparently ended.

Why Hannah?

Hannah is popular and already a content creator, but her following isn't nearly as high as Lele's. This means that Lele can collab with (and promote) her without having to worry about Hannah passing her in numbers. In the vlog that she released, Amanda claimed that she and Lele never fought or had any trouble while they were friends with each other.

Lele's only motive for sabotaging Amanda's career was the fear that she'd become more successful than her. Unlike Hannah, Amanda's following is much closer to Lele's. Amanda has 8 million followers on Instagram and Lele just reached 9 million. Amanda's also at nearly 1 million subscribers on her main YouTube channel, while Lele is only slightly ahead of with 1.7 million.

Lele needs new talentfor her comedy sketches, but her own jealousy and insecurity won't allow her to hang out with anyone who's "too famous". Hannah is the perfect replacement for her former best friend.