For anyone who's not caught up, Lele Ponsmade national News last week when her ex-BFF decided to make their feud public. Vine Star and YouTuber, Amanda Cerny ended her relationship with Lele and released some of their private texts to

Why did she do this? Well, it looks like Lele was trying to sabotage Amanda and hold back her career. Amanda claims that Lele secretly deleted some of her most successful Instagram posts and YouTube videos for over six months. Lele would also private Amanda's Instagram account so she wouldn't be able to gain any new followers.

Lele is currently the most followed woman on Vine, along with1.6 million YouTube subscribers and 8.8 million Instagram followers.

Why so serious?

Fans of both stars seem to be questioning Amanda Cerny's motives for coming forward. Amanda recently made the transition from Vine to YouTube, and people are wondering if this scandal was a way to help build her following. Other fans are questioning if this fight was even worth ending the two's friendship.

One thing people don't seem to understand is that socialmedia isextremely important for online personalities.

It's how they make their money, gain theirfans, and remain relevant. Amanda and Lele's followings are almost neck and neck on most platforms. AlthoughLele is a lot bigger on Vine, their Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube numbers are much closer. If Amanda's story is true and Lele really did sabotage her, it was because she was trying to keep Amanda less popular.

Who knows how many followers Amanda lost out on because Lele chose to delete her photos and not credit her in videos. Perhaps Amanda would have already surpassed Lele if she didn't decide to take matters into her own hands.

Breaking the law?

While covering the story on his news show, Phillip Defranco explained that if the story is true, Lele might've actually broken several laws.

"Amanda's saying that she had no idea that Lele knew her passcode, which is unauthorized access to a server -- and then separately, the actions of hurting and attacking someone's business."

Currently, it looks like neither are pursuing legal action and Lele has yet to even respond to the controversy.