20-year-old YouTuber and Vine Star, Lele Pons has been eerily quiet since Amanda Cerny outed her as a snake. It started Monday when Amanda posted negatively about Lele on her social networks.

The Fallout.

An article was later released by TheDiry.Com that outlined the entire situation along with text screenshots. Amanda said that Lele had been sabotaging her career for over six months. She explained that her Instagram pictures and YouTube videos would randomly disappear if they had successful numbers. Amanda originally thought this was a glitch with both social platforms, before eventually discovering it was actually Lele.

Amanda says that she intended to keep the incident private but had a change of heart after Lele began lying about her to her fanbase.Supposedly, Lele switched the story and claimed that it was Amanda who deleted her content rather than vice versa.

"She would never even think of saying that to me because it's that much of a lie. At that point, I'm like, Alright, she's posting that on social media. I need to just let out the truth and post the texts and everything that she has said to me."

Lele gone quiet.

Amanda's video currently has nearly 400,000 views and the story has gone viral. She's continuing to post about Lele and the situation, but Lele has yet to respond.

Although Lele hasn't directly addressed the incident, she has posted two tweets that many people assume are about Amanda.

Unfortunately, these tweets have only made the situation worse for Lele. Fans of both of the stars havechosen to believe Amanda.

Fellow Viner,Christian Delgrosso has also joined #TeamAmanda.

What's going on?

It seems to be Lele's silence that's making her hard to trust. Amanda's followers claim that if Lele was innocent, she would've posted by now and defended herself.

Many people have also pointed out the hypocrisy in calling Amanda a "bully" when Lele purposely tried to hurt Amanda's career. Deleting photos, videos, and putting Amanda's Instagram account on private were all attempts to hurt her social media presence, which Amanda needs to remain successful. Right now, everyone seems to have the same question: If Lele is innocent, why isn't she saying anything?