A romantic at heart, actor Lucas Bryant chats about his experience on the set of his new film and what attracted him to the project. Not only well known for Haven, Bryant is known for his roles in Queer as Folk, Showtime’s M.V.P., UPN’s Sex, Love and Secrets. Summer Love premieres on the Hallmark Channel Sat Aug 20, 2016.

‘Summer Love’ has fun comedy

Colleen Bement: I’m looking forward to seeing your new Hallmark Channel film Summer Love. What can you share about your experience making this really fun film?

Lucas Bryant: Well, it was a pretty romantic experience--the whole thing.

I fell in love with my co-stars Travis Milne and Rachael Leigh Cook. Everyone is married--well not quite, but everyone has their own romance going on. So we couldn’t really take it all the way (laughs), but we did have a blast together. They are lovely, amazing, and hilarious people. It was a totally pleasure to work on. I knew Lynn Stopkewich, the director, because I’d worked with her previously. I knew that she has a great sense of humor and is a bit of a fan of some weird stuff like I am as well. So I knew that she would per her slightly bent stamp on this piece, and she did and it was a blast. I think everybody--well, myself, Travis, and Rachael wanted to come from a bit of a weird angle, and we injected some great comedy and fun into this script.

It's got a real quirky comedy to it that really attracted me to it in the first place.

CB:I’m a sucker for romance. Are you a romantic?

LB: I am a total romantic at heart. Sometimes I wish I wasn't, but that's not very romantic. I love…love.

What’s next for the Haven star?

CB:What projects do you have in the works?

LB: Well there’s a show called Shoot the Messenger that is going to premiere on CBC in Canada in October.

I'm not sure if it's going to be available in the states then, but hopefully they will be working out some deal to bring it to the US. It's about an investigative journalist that stumbles upon a story that just gets darker and weirder. It uncovers a huge conspiracy that involves politicians, cops, and intrigue; and there’s sex and drugs and murder.

What I really liked about this is its eight episodes of a continuous story, so each episode she (Elyse Levesque) goes further down the rabbit hole, and I am an investigative partner of hers.

CB:Looking back to your audition, did you have any idea Haven was going to go five seasons?

LB: Well the first day I saw the Bronco, and it was before we had shot anything. I had a meet and greet, and someone said to me, hey maybe when this is done, you can buy this thing. I said yeah, eight years from now when we wrap this show, I'm gonna take this home. Everyone laughed. But it almost was that, ya know? We did six 13 episode seasons. No, I had no clue that it was going to have the run that did, but think I a part of me always believed, maybe it was the romantic in me, that it would just go and go.

We were just incredibly lucky and hugely supported by so many people, and I'm incredibly grateful for that.

The Gummy Bear incident

CB: Have you had any embarrassing moments on the set of ‘Haven’?

LB: I think I probably had a pretty embarrassing moment almost every day. Emily and Bree were having a drink on the deck of the Gray Gull, and I was standing on the balcony above them. They were just rehearsing. I thought I would do something really funny and drop a gummy bear off the balcony onto their table. A small red gummy bear would be harmless, right? So I did, but it landed right in Emily's drink. It splashed the drink out of the glass onto Emily and on to everything. I was smiling and waving and everyone else was like you're such an idiot.

We have to reset Emily, re-the table. Nobody laughed. I was mortified. I was like asshole! That was embarrassing. That's what I learned. I don't even hang out with gummy bears anymore.

Favorite Superhero?

CB:Do you have a favorite superhero?

LB: Super Grover. Ever see Grover put on a cape? So yeah; Super Grover.