James Denton, 53,and his 13-year-old son, Sheppard, star in the new movie For Love and Honor on the Hallmark Channel. The movie has a very good plot that captivates the heart of viewers because of the bond between the two Dentons even though in the movie, they are not related.

About the movie

For Love and Honor is part of Hallmark Channel's "Summer Nights" program that is bringing new movies especially for summer viewing. Actor James Denton plays the part of Tom Brennan, a retired Army Colonel, who does everything by the book. He was sent to a military academy that was about to close.

Colonel Brennan and the dean, played by Natalie Brown, do their best to save the school where Brennan once attended. The school has changed so much that Brennan barely recognizes it as his alma mater. Stone Creek Academy is nothing like it used to be, and Colonel Brennan's job is to bring it back to standards so it will not close. Therefore, the retired colonel requires the young cadets to wear approved uniforms and followcertain rules that he thinks are important.

About Sheppard Denton

His appearance in For Love and Honor was Sheppard Denton's television debut as he played the part of Mason Keller. Mason and the colonel bond as they work together in an attempt to save the academy. There is a very moving scene at the end of the movie where Mason masters his gun salute during a performance.

That performance isshown in the short video above.Sheppard acted so well that this will certainly not be his last role even though he might not be always be acting alongside his own father. Sheppard has indicated that he wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become a well-known Actor.James said his son did not audition for the role.

He taped Sheppard reading Mason's part, and producers loved it so much that the youngster got the part. James said that's the way he wants his son to get all his roles.

If you have not watched For Love and Honor yet, it airs on the Hallmark Channel several times this summer. It definitely is a good moviefor the family to watch together.