Whether you are a fan or critic of Alaskan Bush People, Matt Brown must be reaching your heart with his words and photos. When Matt last spoke out, he painfully admitted to having to deal with his drinking problem, his struggle to having to share his weakness and shame with his parents and his siblings, and how – at the age of 33 – he did not like the man that he had become. Quite obviously, Matt Brown is not just some character on the Alaskan Bush People reality Television show, but he is a human being.

What kind of man did Matt turn into?

Matt Brown was three years old when he and his dad Billy, his mom Ami, and his younger brother Joshua Bam Bam Brown came to the Alaskan wilderness via ship.

Matt reportedly broke his first tooth while chewing on a beaver rib when his mom and dad were rowing their canoe down a river in the Alaskan bush.

At the age of four or five, Matt would help his dad steer the family boat while sitting on his father's lap. At the age of 10, Matt’s interests ranged from hunting to fishing to Egyptian petroglyphs, Sanskrit, mechanics, and drawing. As the oldest of the seven Brown children, Matt wasn’t only extremely skilled in talking, but also in looking after and taking care of everyone else.

When Matt’s dad Billy Brown became involved with the Discovery Channel and the filming of Alaskan Bush People in 2014, Matt’s amazing characteristics were shared with millions of viewers.

For Matt, being able to share his love for the Alaskan wilderness and his family with viewers was an amazing experience.

Being the first-born son

Being a reality television show cast member on Alaskan Bush People or any other show does not change the fact who you are in your family. If you are the first-born son or daughter and have siblings, you are in a way the leader of the pack.

Matt Brown characteristically came up with the idea of his family’s wolf pack howling.

Additional characteristics that Matt Brown shares with other first-born children are his reliability, his conscientiousness, his need of taking care of others, a need to achieve, and a need to control what is happening.

Fans and critics of Alaskan Bush People are all too well aware that the Brown family underwent troubles with the state of Alaska in regard to Permanent Fund dividend applications.

When court documents showed that Matt’s family had not continuously lived in the Alaskan wilderness for the past 30 years as scripted by Discovery, the Brown people came under legal and ethical attacks. Not surprisingly, after all, the smoke cleared, Matt could turn from his family’s struggle to his own struggle with drinking.

Matt Brown latest news

After spending time in rehab and quality time for himself, Matt Brown has resurfaced looking better than ever. In contrast to his Alaskan Bush People image of uncombed long curly hair, the young man looks splendid with a neat haircut.

According to Movie News Guide, Matt’s family members are reportedly back to filming the next season of the family’s reality show in Hoonah, Alaska.

Matt Brown was in Juneau, just a four-hour drive away.

As the above picture shows, Matt spent some quality time with a friend and her dog in Juneau, Alaska, while the Brown family’s second-oldest son, Joshua Bam Bam Brown just spent three weeks in New York City. Details about Joshua’s potential marriage to Allison Kagan are slowly being released.

The truth behind reality television

As Matt Brown and Joshua Brown reveal, there is life beyond being a star on a reality Television show. Like everyone else’s life, that existence is filled with struggles, challenges, but also all too realistic love.

Critics at times appear to forget that being a reality television star doesn’t change the fact that someone has parents or other loved ones who are affected by what is being published. As for the Alaskan Bush People family, that family love and support is all too real, and it is what keeps millions of viewers tuned in.