This fresh take on the annual episode special brought back the classic of all "Doctor Who" villains, the Daleks. Instead of Christmas Day, this time viewers opened the new year with car stunts, explosions, and nifty special effects on January 1. According to showrunner Chris Chibnall, the episode was action-packed and filled with adventure. The stunts and special effects were impressive for this beloved UK series.

The studio was flooded to create a Sheffield storm drain, and the crew hit the road and created a police car chase. Fans were creeped out by a face-hugging, squid-like creature that took over an innocent woman's mind and body.

I also feel that Jodie Whittaker was the right choice for the new cast. Bringing her on to start Season 11 was a good move [VIDEO].

How did the Daleks come back to Earth?

The writers found a nice little wrinkle, where back in the 9th century, the Order of the Custodian had a rogue Dalek buried in three parts, on three separate continents, until eager archeologists uncovered it in 2018. Too bad this discovery was placed under ultraviolet lights, and the creature from the planet Saro was able to revive itself. The alien inside was able to take over the mind and body of one of the archeologists, played by guest star Charlotte Ritchie. Nicely done effects sent a shiver down the spines of viewers with its creepy tentacles.

In command of this human vessel, the Dalek killed a farmer and used his tools to build a makeshift outer shell--complete with its original vaporizing weapon.

Good writing tugs at the audience's heartstrings

In the episode, fans met Ryan's dad, Aaron, played by Daniel Adegboyega, who shows up at his doorstep, hoping to find his way back into his son's life.

It is New Year's Day and all he hopes for is to try to be a family again. No, he did not show up to the funeral for Grace (Ryan's mom), and no, it was not at all easy for Ryan to just open the door and let him in. Aaron basically had to go through his step-dad (Graham) to get permission to come back into his life. Even The Doctor shares her disappointment with how hurt Ryan was.

Team effort saved the planet

The Doctor (Jodie Whittaker), Ryan (Tosin Cole), Graham (Bradley Walsh), and Yaz (Mandip Gill) again teamed up to rescue planet Earth, without the help of England's budget-cut resources. The episode not only gets personal with Ryan, his dad, and Graham, but it is also a personal fight between The Doctor and a Dalek, just as it has been for decades.