"Ice Road Truckers" star Darrell Ward has died at the age of 52-years-old. The reality star was reported to have been killed early Sunday afternoon in Rock Creek, Montana after a Cessna 182 plane he was traveling on crashed into the shoulder of I-90 while approaching a landing strip.

Reality television star' Darrell Ward life taken in tragic accident

The news has come as quite a shock to "Ice Road Trucker" fans who have been flooding Ward's Facebook page with condolences. Ward's death was confirmed by Bruce Lacasse, who revealed that Ward, along with his co-pilot was tragically killed on Sunday, in a plane crash.

Lacasse stated that Darrell was on his way back from after enjoying a weekend at The Great American Truck Show in Dallas, where he had spent the weekend meeting fans. Tragedy struck as Ward was on his way to Missoula to begin filming the pilot for a new documentary show that's theme was based around recovering plane wreckage.

A full investigation is underway and details surrounding the plane crash will be released at a later date. Reports described Darrell as a loving man, who enjoyed spending his free time with his children and grandkids when he wasn't trucking. Witnesses of the plane crash stated to authorities that the plane had appeared to stall causing the pilot to lose control of the vessel.At this time the interstate remains closed until further notice while authorities on the scene await Monday's arrival of The National Transportation Safety Board Investigators.

Reality TV series loses beloved cast member

Ward first appeared on "IRT" in season six, with the 10th season of the popular History Channel reality series just returning to TV earlier this month on August 4th. Darrell, the fearless trucker with a big heart was always eager to land a helping hand to those in need was most recently part of the effort to aid Louisiana residents who were devastated by recent flooding.

Such sad news. Rest in peace Darrell Ward. Fans of Darrell's and the reality series "Ice Road Truckers can watch Darrell's final season on Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on the History Channel.