Penn & Teller quickly became some of the most popular magicians in magic several years ago. Their act sells out every night several weeks or months in advance thanks to the pure spectacular nature of what they do. Their tricks often involve explaining their magic to an audience and showing that audience exactly how it is done. From that idea, the two came up with the hit show 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' On the show, magicians perform magic and attempt to trick Penn & Teller. If the magician successfully fools Penn & Teller, he/she wins a trip to Vegas and a chance to perform as an opening act for Penn & Teller.

Several magicians have succeeded, but I'm about to show you the best of the best.

1. Shin Lim

Shin Lim turned to magic after carpal tunnel ruined his piano playing career. He's been very successful as a magician and was incredible in his only performance on 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us.'

This entire act just seems impossible. I have absolutely no idea how Lim did any of this and neither did Penn & Teller. At the end of the trick, Penn couldn't even explain how Lim managed to pull off the simple trick of making the marker disappear. And the entire act was beautiful. The silence just makes the act even more magical and beautiful to watch. Even Penn, one of the masters of magic, called the act "perfect." Lim is the best magician to ever appear on the show and deserves all the accolades for his wonderful performance.

2. Steven Brundage

The Rubik's cube magician appeared in Penn & Teller before he dazzled audience members on 'America's Got Talent' in 2016. This time, his trick involved two cubes that seemed to be solved by nothing but magic.It's a bit similar to what he's doing on 'America's Got Talent' this year, but it's still very impressive to watch.

Is this skill or just pure magic? I'm not sure how exactly Brundage manages to solve these things so quickly. And how on Earth did he solve it while tossing it behind his back? Penn immediately admitted that he was fooled after the act and I did too.

3. Shawn Farquhar.

This magiciangets a spot on the list because he fooled Penn & Teller twice with two separate tricks.

First, Farquhar used a card trick featuring a simple deck of cards that was anything but simple.

How did he do that? Even Penn & Teller didn't know what was going on! And Penn was standing right next to Shawn the entire time! But things got even more impressive when he appeared again on the show with a different trick that managed to fool Penn & Teller once again.

This time, Shawn utilized a phone book to impress the audience. He used Penn & Teller's assistant Allison to further dramatize his own act. He somehow uses a blank book and knows exactly what is on the pages that Allison is reading. Penn & Teller, who thought they saw right through the act, were actually completely wrong about the trick.

And that's why this awesome magician absolutely deserves a spot toward the top of the list.

4. Nick Einhorn

This time, there were no cards involved in the trick. Instead, magician Nick Einhorn uses a dinner party setting to wow an audience that couldn't figure out how Einhorn managed to guess everything correctly in a game of complete chance.

The trick begins with three dishes and three different tables. A random woman from the audience chooses where to place the three plates and then selects three men from the audience. The random woman then gives three envelopes to each of the three different men and even switches once. She then gives each man a table to sit at. The end result of the trick is completely unbelievable and you have to watch to understand just how incredible the trick was. Penn & Teller were completely stumped thanks to the free choice aspect of the trick, adding Einhorn to the list of people who fooled the star magicians.