The members of theAlaskan Bush Peoplefamily are not without controversy these days and even the good news of the Brown's second eldest son falling in love has somehow rattled the deep woods of the Alaskan bush letting rumors escape. Are the members of theBrown familyfilming another season of the Alaskan Bush People or not? This is the big question circulating online again today. While there is no reason to think they won't be back, these rumors have thrown more fuel on the fire that the show's been canceled.

Since the last season ended the family and the producers of this Discovery Channel show have had a full plate of problems facing them.

From the aftermath of legal problems for Billy and Josh to Matt needing to go to rehab, the show hasn't had a smooth run of things. RecentlyJoshua Brownor "Bam" as he is affectionately known, has spent time with the producer of the show, Allison Kagan. So what could be wrong with this?

The two of them were on a vacationfor three weeks in New York City. They did this as a couple without the rest of the Brown Family in tow. From all accounts and pictures it looks as though love has bloomed.Because Josh is sporting a gold band on his ring finger, there are questions on whether or not his relationship should be updated to "married!" The latest buzz is that Bam's romance might cause this reality showto beaxed.

This is a very odd reason for the show's future to be in jeopardy and it is causing quite the mystery today.

According to The Inquisitr, Josh and Allison's romance may be the straw that breaks the camel's back when it comes to canceling the show. The reason behind this is not explained, but could it be a conflict of interest of some sort since Allison is producer and sometimes director of the Alaskan Bush People?

It is not as if the cast members are going to complain if Josh gets more face time on TV than they do, they are a tight family. No one in the Brown brood will squawk about a conflict of interest.

From all the pictures that Joshua posted to the social media pages, it looked as if he had one heck of a good time on his excursion in the Big Apple with Allison.

The two took in a few concerts and saw all kinds of sights. You would think this was a good thing, as these adult children of Billy and Ami Brown are at the age when they should be interested in finding a mate, so this is a natural event.

While in New York, Bam and Allison shared some food and drinks in one of the many spots they visited while there, which is seen in the post above. Josh checking out the Statue of Liberty in the picture below is evidence of his whereabouts, as there is only one place in the world where thatpicture could have been snapped!

While folks get a rare glimpse of what some members of the Brown family are doing today, the Discovery Channel has not officially renewed or nixed the show.

You would think that they would have announced that they'd be back for another season by now? Of course it isn't a bad idea to keep fans wondering. With all the rumors and social media postings, you couldn't buy any better exposure for the show by way of advertising! So it could be that keeping the fans guessing is the best way to keep their interest in the show.There is only one person who could unravel these rumors and make sense of what is going on with the reality show, so where is Sherlock Holmes when you need him?