Tracey Norman’s popularity was popularin the 1970s appearing in both high fashion and commercial jobs. She is known as the first black Transgender model to have a very prominent career in fashion. However, no one knew that she kept her gender identity a secret.Norman had passed as a cisgender male before the whistle was blown on her secret.

Norman rose to fameafter becoming the face of Clairol’s dark auburn hair color (No 512.) This color became the company’s most popular selling color.

However, her career came to a halt after she was outed by Essence Magazine editor Susan Taylor, according to the popular blog site

After this had happened, Norman stopped receiving inquiries for bookings. Her career in modeling plummeted afterward.

Last year, New York Magazine’sThe Cut published a story that chronicled the events that happened in Norman's life, a story that captured the hearts of many.

Today, at the age of 63, Tracey Norman has been invited to return to Clairol, the company that made her a household name.

The color that she will be modeling this time around is 6N. Actress Laverne Cox of Orange is the New Black recalled seeing Norman on the cover of the Clairol bottle and thinking "Yeah, we are born beautiful" she told The Guardian.

"Don't be afraid to live your truth. And if an opportunity knocks go for it," said Norman in her Clairol Real Color Series.

Clairol's global associate brand director Heather Carruthers said: "We’re honoredto bring back Tracey Norman as a woman who no longer has to hide her truth.”

This move by Clairol is important for members of the trans community in regards to inclusion and seeing yourself in the media. There is still a continuous fight for LGBTQ rights and Clairol stepping up and inviting Norman back shows the ways that companies are trying to show diversity in all areas. Like Laverne Cox, another young adult is looking at this, and it gives the idea that they are people out there like them

For your viewing, check out her recent commercial below: