Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise has featured quite the love triangle involving Jared Haibon, Caila Quinn, and Ashley Iaconetti. Ashley has still been stuck on Jared since they toyed with a relationship last summer, and Caila's arrival in Mexico and attraction to Jared has caused quite a few waves. Viewers are curious for solid spoilers regarding whether or not Haibon and Quinn are still together now that filming is over and gossip guru Reality Steve says he's got the scoop.

How long do Caila and Jared last inBachelor in Paradise?

Reality Steve's spoilers have teased that Caila and Jared will stay together in Mexico to an extent, but she ends up leaving on her own very soon and he leaves shortly after.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers had revealed that they had decided to try dating quietly in the real world. Not long ago, Reality Steve said that he had heard they were spending some time together, but that things were not serious.

Now, however, the gossip king has shared updated Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detailing that Caila and Jared are no longer together. It is not clear how hard they tried to pursue a relationship in the real world, but many both on the show, like Carly Waddell, and those who follow the series have felt as if Haibon was probably more into Quinn than vice versa, and that this relationship ultimately didn't have much of a shot at lasting.

Bachelor in Paradise fanshave seen signs of trouble for Caila and Jared

Viewers also had a feeling that Caila and Jared were over when they started seeing social media posts of Jared, Ashley, and her sister Lauren off on a tropical vacation with Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert. If Haibon and Quinn were still an item, it probably would have been an issue for her to see him off on a lavish vacation with Ashley and the others.

While Bachelor in Paradise spoilers do tease that several relationships did last beyond filming and are still going strong, it sounds as if the romance between Jared Haibon and Caila Quinn will not be one of them. Teasers indicate that things head south for these two quite soon and viewers are anxious to see how it all plays out.