The Alaskan Bush People are not all about the Alaskan bush these days as Joshua 'Bam-Bam' Brown just spent three weeks in New York City taking in all the sights and sounds of the Big Apple. He is seen kicking back and having a great timewith his girlfriend Alison and there are some great clues about what to expect in the up and coming season.

Those Alaskan Bush People fans don't miss a thing and now with a ring spotted on Joshua's finger, the questions are buzzing online today.

Did Bam get married?

Did Joshua and Alison get married? There is a ring on his wedding ring finger, just a plain metal band, so is this a ring he is just sporting or is Bam the first of the Brown brood to enter into wedlock and maybe, yes maybe...

one day give Ami those grandbabies she keeps singing about! For a guy who doesn't get out of the bush much, Josh made the rounds while in the Big Apple.

The rumors buzzing online of the show being canceled look just like just that, rumors. As reported by Inquisitr, there were signs suggesting this might be the case, but now with Bam's latest Facebook postings, it looks as if season 6 will materialize. There is nothing official sent down from the Discovery Channel as of yet, but all this intrigue around the rumors while waiting for the word is good advertising!

Josh in the Big Apple

He took in the Paul McCartney concert and he was also seen at the Guns N' Roses concert, both in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

He has pictures of himself with fans posted on his Facebook page at the McCartney venue. Joshua's Facebook page reads like a man breaking out of the wilderness for an adventure in civilization.

He is seen below hanging in Coney Island and with his long hair, sandals, and cut-off jeans, he looks like a throw-back to the '70s, which is the generation of his parents, Ami and Billy!

This is one selfie (below) where Bam looks a bit overjoyed with his girl, Alison (Who he calls Ali),as the two are getting cozy. From the comments onthe page, the fans want to know if they did get married! They look very happy together, which is what a majority of the comments are conveying!

Words of love to "Ali"

Bam thanks his fans for the "amazing" three weeks he spent in New York.

He thanked a chef named Jeff, who apparently pointed him to the right train and he went to everyone's favorite... Sal's Pizza in Little Italy, because he thanks them too! He also said goodbye to Ali, who he romantically calls "his favorite person in the whole world."

It sounds as if he won't see her again for a few months, as he heads back to the Alaskan Bush People and the Browntown filming!The big question... Is Bam married? This will be answered in the new season for sure, so say the fans!