The Alaskan Bush People cameras and crew are inHoonah, Alaska, following the Brown family around, which can only mean one thing... they're back for a sixth season!Today Joshua Brown asked fans on his Facebook pagewhat they were doing with their Friday nights now that the Alaskan Bush People show is "on a break." There you have it, this sounds like the show is only on its break between seasons and although the Discovery Channel hasn't announced a season 6, all the signs are pointing to one in the progress of filming right now.

Big Apple duo

In recent days there's been a lot of news popping up regarding one of the Brown siblings and the show's producer Allison Kagan,who has also directed a few of the show's episodes.With a 3-week New York City vacation under their belt, Joshua "Bam-Bam" Brown has taken to the social media to post pictures of him and Ali together in the Big Apple.

There's rumors that a marriage is either pending or has already taken place for Josh and Allison. So who is Allison Kagan?Below you see Joshua taking in the sites of the Statue of Liberty while in the Big Apple. He was there without any of his Brown family members. It was a Bam and Allison vacation!

Above you can see Bam and Allison after taking in a few concerts while in New York City and the surrounding area. After he left New York, it was on to the Alaskan Bush for filming.

Who is Bam's new girlfriend Allison?

Allison's IMDB page reads like the polar opposite of a slacker. This young lady has litterally worked her way up to directing episodes of the Alaskan Bush People. She's done her time as camera operator and working in the electrical department of a variety of reality shows like True Life, Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, 16 and Pregnant.

From her hands-on work with a camera and technical equipment, Allison then went to producing reality shows. That includes producing episodes of the above shows, along with the Alaskan Bush People and several other reality venues.Allison even produced and directed a TV movie last year, Submissive Wives.

Allison's credits as a director are also impressive as she's directed several episodes of the Alaskan Bush People this year, including some of the fans favorites, Back in Browntown and Judgement Day.

She's directed several episodes of 16 and Pregnant as well back in 2010-2013.

Season 6 already in the works?

It looks like JoshBrownmay be in love with an over achiever! At least the two have work schedules that coincide, as she is behind the camera and Josh and his quirky family are in front of the camera out in the Alaskan bush.

The Movie News Guide reports that filming on season 6 has already underway. This means fans may be privy to watch Bam's romance unfold and find out once and for all if that ring finger ring he is sporting is a wedding ring or a generic trinket!

Is that Matt fresh out of rehab?

Other than Allison Kagan's achievements, it is not known how old she is or what state she calls home. It won't be long before someone posts that information as she's now a person fans of the Alaskan Bush People are curious about! So what about Matt Brownand how is he doing? Well, there's not much to report, but a fan did catch him out and about after his rehab stay and he is looking good. As you can see in the picture the fan posted on Bam's Facebook page, he's cut off his curls!