The Alaskan Bush People appear to be a very loving clan, but it looks as though there is one family member not feeling that love from her wilderness brood today. Last season fans got to meet Billy's daughter from a previous marriage when she flew into Browntown to meet her half-siblings, step-mother Ami and reconnect with Billy.

Warm welcoming on-air

From what was seen on that Alaskan Bush People episode, she was welcomed with open arms. Her half-brothers even built a wilderness bull-riding machine, rigged out of a barrel and some ropes. When she arrived they took turns riding the bull-barrel in a caveman-like attempt to impress the fair maiden from the lower 48!

Preparations before her arrival included a conversation between Billy and Ami on how welcome they wanted to make Twila, when she arrived. Ami even said something about her being "our daughter" and skipped the step-daughter tag completely. Apparently, something must have happened off camera because Twila had some sad sounding news recently posted on herpage regarding her visit to see her dad and appearing on the Alaskan Bush People show.

Cupcake, the cats and then Twila?

Twila Byars wrote on her Facebook page that while at Browntown with her dad and extended family, she felt that she ranked lower than the family dog, whose name is Cupcake. She also went on to say she probably also ranked lower than the Brown's cats.

Below is her Facebook post, which may seem rather sad.

Was Twila really feeling that the Brown family's animals were of more importance to the family than she was? Looking back a bit on Twila's page she has a tribute posted in pictures of her beautiful daughter who passed away. The photo tribute was posted in the middle of July for her daughter's birthday.

The post is seen below.

While filming the Alaskan Bush People Twila did mention that she had a daughter who had died a few years back. You could tell she was carrying that pain with her as she revealed this on camera. For her to now feel like she came after the family pets as far as Billy, Ami, her half-brothers and half'-sisters were concerned...this must feel horrific for Twlia.

Billy's eldest daughter feeling left out?

The Inquisitr suggests that Twila might have some "genuine sadness" about her time with the Alaskan Bush People, or she could just be taking her connection to the Brown family in her "stride." One thing is for sure, this is a mom who misses her daughter very much.

She posted a tribute to her daughter three years ago on YouTube. It was July 17, 2013, and at that time her daughter would have been 21.

The YouTube video is embedded below.