If you are an Alaskan Bush People fan but would like to keep the idealistic image of Billy and Ami Brown and their seven children living in the remote Alaskan wilderness, you might not want to read this article. As soon as the new Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People begins, however, that idealistic notion might have to change a bit since the Brown family is apparently undergoing a few changes.

Joshua Brown is in love

Joshua Bam Bam Brown, the second-oldest son of the Brown familyshared yesterday that he has been spending the past three weeks in New York.

And according to Joshua’s account, his trip was not just a tourist trip but an amazing inside experience filled with help from fans of his Alaskan wilderness family like Jeff the Chef, the Local 580 Iron Workers, and Sal's Pizza in Little Italy.

In addition to thanking thefans who turned the three weeks in New York into an incredible trip, Joshua Brown shared that he was not alone but in the company of Alli. Joshua describes his female companion Alli as the best tour guide, a shining light for him, “a respecter of danger, and my favorite person in the whole world.”

Fans react to Joshua Brown

Some fans are saying that they prefer not to know about Joshua Brown being in love since he is on their own list of desirable men.

However, most fans are thrilled and are expressing their utmost happiness that Bam Bam has found someone he treasures. For those fans, the big question is whether or not Joshua tied the knot while he and Alli were in New York. “But he still hasn't answered the crucial question - did they tie the knot or not!!!” shares one of Joshua Brown’s fans.

In response to the uncertainty, those close to Joshua advise everyone to stay tuned. “Maybe we'll find out in the new season!”

Critics are left in the dust

Some previous reports about the show have focused on the fact that the show is fake, Matt Brown’s drinking problem, or the hurt feelings of long-lost daughter Twila. As Crossmap stated recently, even though Alaskan Bush People is “one of the highest-rated cable television series, there are rumors that the upcoming 'Alaskan Bush People Season 6' might be cancelled.”

While some critics like to keep bringing up the Brown family’s scandal with the state of Alaska and the untold truth about the Brown family, other critics believe that the show has become too predictable.

However, those close to Joshua Brown and his other family members disagree. For fans, the prospect of having an addition to the Brown family and Joshua Brown possibly getting married on the show makes Season 6 of Alaskan Bush People something exciting to look forward to.