A film filled with adult comedy, sleazy dialogues and immense nudity and this is what Great Grand Masti is all about.

And we doubt why excellent performers like Ritesh Deshmuk and Vivek have signed a film like this.

'GGM' which reached the theaters on July 15, 2016, offers nothing but a sheer headache, and spectators have already started panning the makers for the poor story.

Even though normal audiences will find this movie a debacle, fans of the franchise will be satisfied as it has all those elements which were present in the previous two hit prequels.

It has three husbands trying to find out some hotness in their life, and things take a new turn when a ravishing lady enters the scene.

Urvasi Rautale has done a good job in this cinema, and the only saving grace of the film is her character. She is so sexy that her movements will surely touch the hearts of even the hardhearted.

As she is ready for ample skin show, her career in Bollywood will be brighter for sure.

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The screenplay of this feature is funny in parts. There are enough double meaning one-liners throughout the proceedings, and all these are targeted at sexually frustrated male viewers in the nation.

Inder Kumar, who directed this flick, should have given more importance to the script, as it is entirely filled with flaws.

The picture does has style, but it lacks substance very badly.

Industry experts believe that both these stars are now labeled as heroes of adult comedies, and it will be quite hard for them to come out from this cover.

The estimated box-office earningsof this project will be somewhere around 15 Crore INR by the end of the first weekend.

You can book tickets for this movie with your friends, but never dare to see it with your family members, as it may compel your parents to chuck you out from their home.

Some days back, a copy of the film that was given to the censor board was leaked and was uploaded on many sites for download. the makers have requested to watch it only in the theaters.