The hit Netflixshow "Orange Is the New Black" is a pop culture sensation. With phenomenal actresses, such as Kate Mulgrew and Laverne Cox, it is no wonder why the show has received an 8.3/10 on IMDB and a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes. Young adults are obsessed with the drama-filled Litchfield prison, particularly the LGBTQA+ community. But how well does this story portray lesbians? Is it accurate? Is it diverse enough? Or do the characters fall into stereotypes?

What do lesbians think?

The largest part of the "Orange is the New Black" fandom resides on the popular social blogging site called Tumblr.

Many of the lovely ladies on this site had plenty to say about the show and its characters. Tumblr user real-lesbian-thoughts said that some gay characters in the show act differntly.but this is a different show as some "portray lesbians as nymphomaniacs, and this show does not do that." In reality it should not be "that hard" to protray people...all that differs is whothey are attracted to." Pretty positive review. However, Tumblr usereuqality(real name Georgia) said that the only person of colour in the show that actually "was a lesbian" was "killed off". As the main "lesbians were white" it could be veiwed as being that the show is not actually "that diverse relating to sexual identity or gender identity." Throughout my interviews, these two opinions seemed to be the consensus among real-life lesbians.


"Orange is The New Black" is not perfect. While the cast is diverse, promotes feminism, has an interesting storyline, and does include many people within the LGBTQA+ community, there has only been one POC lesbian. Not only that, but they have also dumped her from the show by killing her off, similar to many other popular shows, movies, and books.

People of color need representation in the LGBTQA+ community as much as they need it in every other form, as far as lesbians are concerned. So, Jenji Kohan, take these notes from your fans and help continue the rise of equality.