The Originals Season 4 will not air until next year. However, little pieces of information are slowly becoming available. Everyone knows how important of a role Hope plays in Klaus Mikaelson's life. A casting notice was issued and it makes one wonder if viewers might see an episode featuring an older Hope Mikaelson.

How Hope Mikaelson changed Klaus in 'The Originals'

During the first season of The Vampire Diaries spinoff, Klaus did not believe Hayley was pregnant with his child. It seemed that Elijah was the only one who was supportive of Hayley's pregnancy and keeping the unborn child safe.

However, once Hope was born, it seemed to change Klaus for the better. It didn't make him a perfect vampire, but changed him in ways Klaus could never have expected.

'The Originals' casting notice for a child actor

A casting notice was sent out for the television show. They are searching for a young girl 6 to 9 years old. She must be caucasian with brown or dark blonde hair. She is simply given the title "young daughter" and it is a supporting role. The date of the shoot is listed as July 18.

'The Originals' season 4 will have a time jump

When The CW series returns early next year, there will be a small time jump. This isn't enough of a gap for Hope to grow so much that a new actress would need to be cast, though.

Is it possible that there will be a flash forward of Hope when she is older? Or will Klaus have dreams of how his daughter's life will be like without him? Another theory is that the actress won't be portraying Hope at all, but maybe a younger Hayley.

Hope's role in 'The Originals'

The latest spoilers on the hit series from The CW network state that Hope might be the only person that can save Klaus Mikaelson.

She has been one of the most important characters in The Originals, even though she can't even talk yet.

What do you think of the casting notice for The Originals? Are they looking for an older Hope Mikaelson? Or is this a young Hayley or someone else? How will this affect the storyline in Season 4?