A lifelong Elvis Presley fan has stepped forward sixty years after the fact to reveal one of the biggest mysteries and well kept secrets involving the King of Rock and Roll. Talk about a secret! It has been 60 years, and the mystery woman who was snapped in photographs with the King just before his Richmond, Virginia concert in 1956 has finally stepped forward to identify herself and tell her story.

Elvis fan shares incredible story after six decades

The woman, now 80-years-old is named Barbara Gray, and she is revealing her very brief, butpersonal encounter with one of the biggest legends of all-time.

Gray reveal in 1956 her girlfriends dared her to phone Elvis Presley at his hotel following a show in South Carolina. In those days it was far easier for fans to gain access to their idols.

"The operator answered and I said,"Elvis Presley's room please." She reveals that she was connected to his room and spent an hour chatting up the King, who was apparently very taken with the young fan inviting her to his next show in Richmond. Continuing to describe the details of her night with Presley she states that she met him at a diner located in The Hotel Jefferson before his show at The Mosque Theater.

Barbara Gray describes her night with Elvis

"Elvis turned around and I almost fainted. He was absolutely gorgeous," said Gray.

"I just melted." Next, she states that Elvis took her into a hallway at the theater and the rest is history! Several photos were snapped by a freelance photographer named Al Wertheimer of Elvis and Gray, who went by Bobbi Owens back then, of the two of them wrapped in each other's arms, tongues touching, and looking to be having one of the most romantic times of their lives.

For 60 years these romantic and mysterious photos have been dubbed by critics as one of the "most iconic and erotic photographs in American history." Following the concert, Gray states that Elvis took her to the train station and invited her to come on tour with him. She reveals how she turned down his incredible offer and they went their separate ways, never crossing paths again.Throughout all of these years, Gray reveals she thinks a lot about what would have happened had she gone with him, and how their lives may have been different.