Recently a tutorial to watch the Dragon Ball Z 4D movie/event has been leaked. What is this all about? Basically it is a short film available in Universal Studios Japan Cinema Theatres, all in 4D. This event is also considered a pre-version of what One Piece and Death Note are going to be. Firstly we must say it is only available in Japan and there are no clues that make us think that this short film is going to be exhibited worldwide..

First, the entire movie:

Now, let’s see the tutorial:

As you can see, the movie is a kind of alternative version of Freezer’s Resurrection, in which we can see Shen Long being summoned by a hooded strange guy.

We cannot truly know if he’s Freezer’s subordinate or if it’s an old sequence of a Kamisama invoking the dragon balls for the first time. Besides that, we see Freezer’s back and he’s attacking the main cities. Bulma’s drones noticed that and warned the Z Warriors. Goku is the first one to find the villain in the city and the fighting begins. It’s a great battle, then, Vegeta, Krillin, and Piccoro showed up to help Goku, so he could had enough time to prepare a Genkidama. Each warrior gave their best strike to Freezer during the “Final Flash” or “Last Shinning” of Vegeta. Finally, Freezer dies and everything is back to normal again. In the final scene we see Vegeta again doing some housework, but this time he’s cleaning the cinema theater!

The tutorial is quite entertaining. We see Master Roshi and Bulma and this one defeats a Saibaiman…something his boyfriend never could do.

We are also expecting this kind of production to be brought to the US. It would be interesting if ToeiAnimation, Toriyama, and Universeal consider the American market to develop more new stuff from Dragon Ball.

It’s necessary to make clear that this market is as big as the Latin American market, so they two combined could be a huge source of profit for Toriyama as the Japanese market already is. We can only hope for it to become a reality.

Here is the first trailer of the event: