JoJo Fletcher is still filming her season ofThe Bachelorette, but of course, people are already talking about it. JoJo was the runner-up on Ben Higgins season of the show and is now trying to find a man of her own. When it is time to start the show, a lot of the men see a personal trainer and get in shape. Now a doctor is speaking out and saying that it looks like JoJo actually got some plastic surgery done before the show.

What does the doctor think she did?

This doctor feels like JoJo Fletcher got a nose job and also a boob job for the show. They are looking at how she looked during Ben's season and comparing it to how she looks now a few months later.

Dr. Susan Evans spoke to Radar Online and shared her thoughts. She said that JoJo's nose dropped some and this could have come from rhinoplasty, but could also be from age. Obviously, JoJo didn't age much between the two seasons. Dr. Evans also shared saying it looks like she "used some calcium hydroxy appetite in her nasal labial folds, laugh lines and in her chin area.She used fillers to soften her facial lines."

When it comes to JoJo's boob job,Dr. Michael Salzhauer thinks that it looks like she got breast implants and also lip fillers. JoJo would not be the first person to get plastic surgery on the show either. Matt Grant got his teeth redone before the show started. There have been others that have changed up their looks.

Deanna even had a personal trainer. Everyone knows that Chris Soules got help training before his time on the show from Cody Sattler, who is also part of Bachelor Nation.

Did these doctors treat her?

Neither one of these doctors treated JoJo Fletcher. They are just sharing their opinion on what they see looking at her. They could be right or wrong, but they feel like JoJo did some stuff to her body.

Nobody knows for sure if JoJo had anything done and she will probably never tell either.

Are you excited to see JoJo Fletcher on her journey asThe Bachelorette? Don't miss watching her season when it starts on May 23. At this time, it looks like Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins are doing great, so hopefully she finds love the same way they did.