This week on "Storage Wars" season 9 gifts fans with an episode titled, "Santa Ana Surprise." As the title exposes, the storage locker hunt takes place in Santa Ana, California this week and the show features Brandi Passante, Jarrod Schulz, Mary Padian, Rene Nezhoda and Dave Hester. Ivy Calvin, Darrell Sheets and his son Brandon were not featured on this episode of the show. The auctioneers for this episode were, as usual, Laura and Dan Dotson of American Auctioneers. Mary failed to find a unit this episode and ended up extending her recent losing streak.

Dave Hester made a $3,285 profit

The first locker has a few chairs and boxes says, Dave. There's a wooden object that catches his eye and he says the locker is worth bidding on. Jarrod and Rene also like the room and bid up Hester a bit, and Dave eventually pays $1,025 for the locker. Dave finds some used tires worth $200, $80 in plastic chairs, a $20 computer bag and $40 in books among his items. Hester also finds a massive haul of brand new computer software, including Microsoft Office Professional and Rosetta Stone language software that teaches Spanish, French and German. He takes the wooden karate training device to a specialist and finds out it's worth about $550.

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz profit $3,730

The sixth unit of the episode goes to Brandi and Jarrod, and it includes the missing cushions to Rene's unit. There's a bidding war between Rene, Dave and Brandi, who ends up paying $900 for the locker. Citing good karma, Jarrod leaves the cushions in front of Rene's unit in a rare act of kindness among competition.

They find a couple LG flat screen TV's in the unit and Brandi finds some high end handbags, including a Birkin bag worth $2,000, a Prada bag worth $500 and a Chanel bag with certificate of authenticity worth $200. They also find a stash of new Champion sneakers worth $160. They find one object they suspect might be a shake maker, so they get it checked out and it ends up to be a glass chiller worth $280.

Rene Nezhoda saw a $1,100 profit

The second locker has some broken bikes, a doll house, some glass and a treadmill. As with many lockers, it's sometimes what you can't see that brings the most value. Dave and Mary help bid up Rene to $625, who wins the locker. Rene wins a second unit that features some jerseys for $60, a third unit for $275 and a fourth unit, with missing couch cushions, for $575. When pricing out the lockers with his daughter, Rene discovers he has a bag of Nike Air Jordan sneakers with worth $50, and an older plasma TV worth $100. He finds a beat up dresser worth $60 and with Jarrod's cushions, values the couch at $150. Later, he finds one box of toy race cars worth $375 and another worth $180, which he says is the best part of the locker so far. When he finds some remote control race cars he takes them to an expert, but because they're all in need of repair they're only valued at $400.