• Starting in Los Angeles, California, Usher Raymond begins his countrywide trip, but he doesn't travel alone. He takes his Snapchat fans with him.
  • While making his journey back home, Usher keeps his fan base currentall along the way. From Deadpool to Purple Rain, Raymond passes the time.
  • Usher arrives home, and he still engages with his Snapchat fans by giving them a tour of his residence. However, after the tour, things get interesting for his fan base.

According to US Weekly, Usher Raymond got into a sauna after arriving home. Yet, he wasn't alone during his relaxingescapade.

Theoretically, the world was watching as he continued to capture his "busy" day.

A few Snapchat updates later, Usher is in the saunabut so are his Snapchat followers. You might think Mr. Raymond would be more censored than he revealed, but the only thing keeping his photo from full nudity was an emoji, strategicallyplaced over his private areas.

However, in the next photo, Usher Raymond wrapped himself in a towel as he brushed his teeth.

Next subject?

In an attempt to calm the masses, the singer posted other updates via different social media outlets. For instance, on Twitter, Raymond shared his studio experiences and how he immediately got back to work once arriving home.

Nevertheless, according to Inquisitr, Usher didn't exactly violate any of Snapchat's guidelines with his photos.

While the social medium attempts to rid its presenceof "sexually explicit material," many cases slip under the radar, especially when unreported.

And, even if Usher did violate the policies with his posts, do you think his fans would've reported him to Snapchat?

New movie

In other Usher Raymond news, as reports Source magazine, he has been cast the role of Sugar Ray Leonard, in the movie Hands of Stone.

If you're interested in the movie's trailer, you can watch Raymond in the video below.

So, although Usher may have given his fans a thrill after this Los Angeles trip, it seems that there's much more in store for the singer.

All in all, what are your thoughts about Raymond's Snapchat exploits? Feel free to share them in the comments below.

Antonio J. Newell is a writer for Blasting News. Feel free to follow him on Twitter: @TonyBhaingz.

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