Kim Richards is in a bit of legal trouble once again. Originally reports came out today that a judge had issued a warrant for Kim because she wasn't going to her AA meetings, which are court ordered. Later on, it was revealed that the judge had revoked this warrant, and Kim was safe, but she has to keep her act together for sure. Kim could end up in jail if she doesn't.

What went down today?

An arrest warrant was issued for Kim Richards, but then her rep showed up at court, and they revoked it. This RHOBH reality star is very lucky that she isn't behind bars now.This warrant came out because the judge said that Kim had not been turning in documentation to prove she went to her meetings.

As part of her deal she made, Kim does have to go to these meetings. She actually has to go to them for 52 weeks and also turn in something showing that she did go. This is something she has no choice but to do after getting in some legal trouble.

Is Kim really documenting her meetings?

It turns out that according to TMZ Kim is not documenting her AA meetings the way that she should be doing. Kim will be having a probation violation hearing on June 3. If Kim can't prove that she has been going to meetings and working on her community service it is very possible that she will end up in jail. Kim has allegedly been saying that she has a foot injury, and that is the reason that she can't do her community service.

The judge isn't buying that excuse and wants her to get to work on it.

Kim's sister Kyle Richards is already speaking out and saying that she may actually quitRHOBHif they invite her sister Kim back on the show again. She doesn't think that it would be good for her and is doing all that she can to keep them from adding her back to the series again.

Do you feel like Kim Richards should have been thrown in jail? Do you think that she is doing what the judge told her to do? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes ofThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on Monday nights on Bravo. This season is almost over, but you know the show will be back again soon.