This week on a brand new "2 Broke Girls" season 5 rolls towards the finish line with an episode titled, "And The Partnership Hits The Fan." Randy has a potential new job with a New York City law firm, but the story goes awry when they hit up a hip restaurant named Beak with a penchant for making eclectic bird-themed dishes. Everything is going alright until Max finally can't take it any longer.

There's very little talk about the dessert bar

Besides the opening skit, where Max tells Caroline there's no way she's painting the dessert bar pink, very little is discussed about the ongoing process of opening up the dessert bar.

We do know from last week that the liquor license paperwork is filled out, so until next week, that story has been put on hold. We still don't know if Max and Caroline will have to hire employees or if they're going to do this all on their own like the cupcake counter.

Sophie and Oleg pick Godparents for their baby

When Sophie comes into the diner this week she has a surprise. She has a list and she's trying to figure out who would be the best Godparents for her unborn baby. She says that all of the women on her side of the family are in, or have been in prison, so that narrows the field down quite a bit. In the end, having seen how Caroline takes care of Max, she picks the two of them to be the Godparents.

Caroline invites herself to Beak with Max and Randy

Randy invites Max to go to Beak, a trendy new restaurant in an apartment building, and Caroline decides that inviting herself to come along is fine. Caroline shows up late, and Max and Randy have already had a few courses of the meal already. The boss of the law firm is dating the chef of Beak and two of Randy's potential co-workers are a lesbian couple.

One of the women is an Instagram star and insists on photographing everything. Caroline encourages Max to eat some of the food, most of which she's so far been stuffing into a napkin, so she takes a bite of tongue. Not long after that, Max violently vomits in the bathroom and Caroline comes to rescue her. They slip out the window and an embarrassed Max walks home with her best friend Caroline.

Max gets sick and Randy doesn't mind

Randy rents a bike, catches up with Max and Caroline as they're walking across the bridge home and gives them their purses back. Max tells Randy that maybe they just aren't meant to be together. He tells her that is nonsense and that he didn't want the job anyway. Caroline gives Max a mint and she kisses Randy, who tells Max they're fine together. There just might be a future for these two and there's more of a chance, it seems, than with any other guy Max has been with so far.