Jazz Jennings got her journey from wannabe girl to bottom surgery that turned her into the female she always wanted to be. Over the years, fans of "I Am Jazz" got used to seeing Jazz looking like a boy who wanted to be a woman. No matter what makeup she wore, or how girly she dressed, the obvious came across: This was a guy who wanted to become a female. However, her latest IG post shows she absolutely looks stunning.

Fans of 'I Am Jazz' saw Jazz Jennings follow through with her bottom surgery in the last season

"I Am Jazz" got renewed shortly after the last season.

Amazingly for TLC, it came within a matter of days after the finale. We got to see Jazz finally get her gender confirmation bottom surgery. That was not without its problems, as it all unraveled, literally and she got rushed back to the hospital. Fans saw her mom Jeanette in tears, absolutely shocked. Obviously, they could not show fans of the TLC show what went wrong, but Jazz ended up back in the hospital

Later, we saw her getting over her surgery again, while her parents cautioned the star of "I Am Jazz" from rushing into a relationship with her first boyfriend as a woman. Ahmir later confessed they broke things off, but remain friends. Nevertheless, apart from hearing the show's renewed and Jazz applied to several universities, we didn't hear much more.

Now, Jazz posted up a photo a few days ago, and she looks like pure female beauty.

Whether you agree with her bottom surgery or not, there's no denying Jazz is very much a female

Previously, we saw Jazz through the years trying her best to dress and act like a girl. However, she always came across a little gauche. Never quite managing to be totally convincing, in other words.

However, she went to her IG shortly after she got accepted into Harvard and shared a photo. Okay, granted she had some good makeup artists, but she looks more female than I do. And, I am a fully fledged female chromosome. In fact, I feel fat, ugly and mannish after seeing her.

Jazz Jennings captioned her photo with, "The Ego cannot be eliminated for it is a distinct and purposeful aspect of the human experience.

However, it can be controlled and utilized. Instead of trying to remove the Ego, learn to acknowledge it and be the director of it. Understand it completely, and learn to harness its power and ability to focus lovingly. The Ego is not bad, but it must be disciplined in order to ensure receptiveness to the steady flow of pure, positive energy. Focus on what you are thinking about at all times, and use the crystals in your mind and body to deliberately create all that you intend to create."

Fans react to the picture by Jazz Jennings on IG

Look, Jazz is heading off to Harvard, and they just love to nurture good thinkers and enquiring minds. However, set aside the discussion about the Ego. Just look at how her fans reacted to her sheer beauty:

  • @o.gfr**: "Congrats on Harvard and damn you look incredible "
  • @Hag**: "Jazz you are so gorgeous. Loving the makeup and your killing that dress. Love ya girl. Can't wait for a new season "
  • @Emi**: "Omg stunning "
  • @Aha **: "You are here on earth for a truly beautiful and purposeful existence. And I’m so grateful ❤️"
  • @Cha**: "Omg you look beautiful "

What do you think about Jazz Jennings turning into an amazingly beautiful woman?

She certainly could grace any fem glossy mag as she looks so naturally female these days. She's pure female beauty, and as she's going to Harvard, she certainly has the brains to round it all out as well.

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