Donald Trump seems to have worried people since the day he took office in Washington. While his Twitter account is one way to see everything that's going on in his life, it appears that White House aides are slowly becoming more vocal about what is happening behind closed doors. The President's quick and harsh decisions affect millions of people, and yet the people who work in the White House haven't said much about the turmoil that's been going on. Now, sources are coming forward, saying that Trump is doing things and saying things that are downright worrying.

According to a new CNN report, Donald Trump's allies are now speaking about his actions. While Trump's Presidency is a controversial one, it should be worrying that even his closest allies are sharing their concerns. CNN reports that this past week in the White House was very different. Hope Hicks resigned suddenly and while her resignation may have nothing to do with what is going on at the moment, sources say that the President is spiraling out of the control and lashing out at people in the White House.

Sudden decisions

Perhaps it is the President's sudden decisions that are causing people to question his ability to be President. One example of him making sudden decisions without thinking about the consequences is the trade tariffs news he threw on the table this week.

His argument is that Americans need to use steel from the United States, but he didn't think about the taxes that will be added to those products. A source from the White House says that his decisions have a real economic impact, but it doesn't sound like he has thought about it all the way through. It should also be noticed that the Dow dropped 420 points after Trump revealed the news, which should be a sign that something isn't right.

As a President, you simply can't make sudden decisions like that without thinking about the consequences of the American People.

Going 'Rogue'

President Donald Trump's mental health has also been called into question over the past couple of weeks. Apparently, he can't take the blame himself for when things go wrong. In business, he may have fired someone, launched a lawsuit, or simply walked away from a deal.

In the White House, there's no such thing as walking away. Over the past few weeks, he has blamed everyone else for the bad press, including Gen. John Kelly for mishandling the clearance issue, and Jeff Sessions in regards to the Russia investigation, which continue to hang over his Presidency. Most importantly, he has blamed the Republicans for being afraid of the NRA even though he himself hasn't taken a firm stance on guns after the Florida shooting on Feb. 14.

A source within the White House tells CNN that the morale is bad within the White House and that the good people are being driven crazy by his bad attitude and inability to take things on himself. But going rogue also reveals that he may not be bothered by the issues that come up. He may see them as issues that stand in his way of getting his wall done, or passing laws that benefit him.

What signs have you seen that tell you that he's unraveling in the White House?