President Donald Trump had announced on live TV about raising the age limit for buying a gun from 18 to 21 and introducing strict background checks for gun buyers. America had heaved a sigh of relief. It was presumed that the shooting tragedy in Parkland, Florida, had influenced his decisions and incidents of gun violence would decline. The shooting had left 17 people dead and sparked a youth movement when students took to the streets demanding Gun Control.

The Guardian reports that the president’s support for gun control became a thing of the past after he had a meeting with officials of the National Rifle Association NRA in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump backs out

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has explained the situation. Speaking to reporters, she said Donald Trump had told NRA officials that his support for the second amendment would remain. He also wants to improve the system of background checks. He agrees to the basic concept of raising the age limit to buy an assault weapon to 21, but he feels there is not enough support to take such a decision. Incidentally, a recent NPR/Ipsos poll has shown that more than 80 percent favor raising the legal age to 21 for purchasing a gun.

The backtracking of Trump on the issue of gun control shows that the NRA is determined to have its way because it had backed Trump in his presidential campaign and had provided millions of dollars.

It wants to ensure that its interests are not compromised. Hence, a meeting was convened in the White House to sort out the related issues. The result is that Trump has backed out and reverted to his earlier pro-guns stance. It was an indication of the power wielded by the gun lobby.

What will happen next?

In the opinion of Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader in the US Senate, strict gun control laws could help save many lives because a recent NPR/Ipsos poll has revealed that over three-quarters of the American people support it.

Gun violence groups had welcomed the comments of Donald Trump who had called for sweeping reforms after the tragedy in Parkland that took 17 lives. However, the situation has changed after the meeting between Trump and NRA officials in the White House.

According to CNBC, the president appears to be undecided on how best to approach this sensitive issue.

He has to define his legislative priorities.

Sen. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat and an advocate of tougher gun laws, feels that in view of public sentiments on gun control laws suitable preventive measures must be introduced to curb incidents of gun-related violence. If that is not done in time, the Republican Party could face an uphill task in upcoming elections.