The NBA season has been exciting and more competitive than last year. Every single season, there is a class of rookies that either shine or don't. In other words, a rookie can either be a bust or have potential to be a terrific player for years to come.

The rookie class has been pretty good this season. A lot of them have stepped up big time for their respected teams, while others hold the potential to become stars in this league. Here are my Top 5 rookies of the year in my opinion. All the statistics on each player have been found via the ESPN database.

5. Bogdan Bogdanovic

A lot of people have slept on this volume shooter. The reason might just be because he plays for the Sacramento Kings, who have not fared well this season.

However, Bogdanovic has a bright future in the league being able to shoot from the three at a high clip as a first-year player and from mid-range. He can let it fly having the lethal range. He has shown up in big moments for the team as well. Bogdanovic is averaging 11.7 points, shooting 46% from the field and 39% from the three.

4. Lonzo Ball

This rookie has been highly criticized for being the number 2 overall pick, but in my opinion, he is a great overall player with big potential. He plays the game of basketball the right way and fills up the stat sheet.

The reason I place him at the 4th spot is that I see he is going to be a special player and be the face of the L.A. Lakers for many years.

He impacts both sides of the floor, is a top rebounder in the league as a rookie and can dish the ball. What he needs to do is be more aggressive and everything will fall into place as he has the size and speed of a guard.

His defense also has been good for the most part on the season.

He's averaging 10.2 points while shooting 36% from the floor and 32% from the three after shooting horribly from the floor at the beginning of the season. Lonzo has been able to find his shot recently, and if he gets better offensively, he can be a big threat to any opposing defense.

Ball has to work on his offense, creating separation from defenders and on shooting from the free-throw line as he is shooting a dismal 49%. A fun fact is that he released a decent mixtape as he also has a passion for music.

3. Kyle Kuzma

He's been cruising throughout the season as he has many offensive moves in his arsenal with sweet hook shots, contested layups, and three point shots. Kuzma is averaging 15.4 points, shooting very close to 45% from the floor, and 36% from the three.

Kyle Kuzma has been one of the steals of the draft, as he was picked late. Just like Lonzo, he has a bright future with the Los Angeles Lakers. It has paid dividends for the franchise to take the risk getting him from the Brooklyn Nets.

The native of Flint, Michigan has surpassed expectations, dazzling on the court with his moves to create separation, finish at the rim, and shoot from deep.

He also has a funny personality, going back and forth and making jokes about his teammates.

2. Ben Simmons

I will admit that I was wrong about Ben Simmons at first, but he has proved to be an incredible player. He could be the next LeBron James in my opinion, with his speed, power, and passing ability. He deserves credit for placing the Philadelphia 76ers into the playoff mix and for his play on the court.

Simmons has been able to come back strong after breaking his foot last season. He still does not have a jump shot yet, but that can develop and if he changed how he shoots.

And the change has to do with shooting with the opposite hand with the right, not left. In addition, he needs to work on his free-throw shooting, as he is 57% from the charity stripe.

1. Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell has surpassed expectations as many teams passed on him. He is averaging 19.7 points per game while shooting 44% from the field and 35% from deep. The numbers don't do him justice as he has been able to lead the Utah Jazz into the playoff picture in a tightly contested Western Conference.

He also shoots 83% from the charity stripe so fouling him isn't a good idea either. He is a tough guard for most people in the league being able to finish at the rim and shoot from deep. He is able to create space from defenders and has the explosiveness to dunk on opposing defenses. And additionally, the player has brought excitement to the team and he certainly has a bright future with the Jazz.