Frankly speaking, there is always that one time where you have no idea what the answer to the given question is in a test or exam and the last thing you find yourself doing is cheating from others.

Someone on r/AskReddit asked people about the most genius Ways they had seen or done to Cheat on exams and I must say, some of those tricks need brains to pull them off.

1. Literally asking for the answers

"Had a buddy take an online course. Wrote to the company that did the book/materials for the course saying he was a professor and wanted to use their materials for the course.

They sent him all the answers and such. Brilliant," says theberge55.

2. Using the handy Google translate

"For some reason a school had the French test take place on a computer and the browser that was installed was chrome and chrome has an auto-translate feature," says lopcario.

3. Wasting your time on pre-writing instead of studying

"One class I had, we were given the essay questions in advance so we knew what to study. During the test, we had to write the essays in class in blue books. I would write the essays in different blue books before the test and bring them and blank ones to class. At the end, I'd just switch out the completely filled out ones for the blank ones. It was such a hard class that I still never got a 100 percent on any of them," says pm_me_your_vudu_code.

4. Letting someone else do it for you

"On an online exam, I saw someone take the whole exam without even touching his computer. The mouse was moving and everything. Turns out he set up a Remote Desktop and had someone take it from home," says Canks130

5. A friend in need is a friend indeed

"Smart kid sits up front. Beneath him is a tile floor.

The tile under the front left leg of his desk is answer A. The one to the right of that is B. The one down from A is C and the one beneath B is D. Smart kid uses his left leg to point to the answer. Now the question numbers. Question 1 is when smart kid coughs, which is synchronized to the class clock. Each minute is a new question answer.

After a 20 minutes exam, 20 questions are answered by moving his foot," says AudibleNod.

6. That's one way to get grades

"This will get buried but I think it’s worth telling. Had an English teacher that was incredibly tech challenged. Our assignment was to write a paper. I completely forget, so I just got a blank disk and wrote my name etc on it and told him my printer was out of ink but here’s a copy. This was like 2006 freshman year of high school. I got a B for my blank disc," says Chucktayz.

7. Hoodies and earbuds

"Record answers, move recording to ipod, earbud up through my hoodie sleeve, place ear on hand and listen to answers," says ShnarlyDude.

8. Using secret codes

"I sat in front of the really smart kid and cheated by listening to his pencil strokes.

Two strokes in quick succession with a small break before the third stroke was A, one then two quick ones was B, one was C, two was D. Did it a couple times and always made a high B/low A," says Todd_B.

9. Last but not the least

"I store facts inside my head," says tactical_lampost.