SZA's début Album with Top Dawg Entertainment, "Ctrl" is an album with meaningful lyrics, well produced tracks, and stunning vocals. Today I will be reviewing "Ctrl." This will be a two-part review. The first part we will discuss will cover the first 8 tracks on this album. I will base my reviews on the message, the production, and how unique it is when compared to other albums out.

The message

As the album progress you will notice that SZA is progressing as well. She opens up with "Supermodel" which speaks about her fling with her boyfriend's friend while he was out in Las Vegas.

You can tell she is insecure and seeking attention. She gets lonely when she is alone and seems as if she uses that to excuse her cheating.

The next track "Love Galore" explains her love affair with a guy. She is the side chick and she wonders why her lover keeps on bothering her for sexual favors. She seems content as the side chick for now. "Doves in the Wind" is the third song on the album and addresses the power that women have. She gains power even though it is for the wrong reasons.

The fourth track "Drew Barrymore" explains that she is aware that she sleeps around to feel more attractive and because she is lonely. She is slowly wanting to change who she is. "Prom" shows SZA doing some introspection and she feels that she is wasting time and she feels like the guy she now has feelings for might leave.

She promises him that she will try to do better.

The sixth song "The Weekend" is about the guy she likes but is being shared around. You can tell she is still lacking self-respect but she is falling in love as she states that she wants more of him. "Go Gina" is the seventh song and it is about her other side, Gina, coming out and not allowing her to progress.

All the while, she can't seem to trust her friends since they talk bad about her.

The last song I will review for this part is track eight "Garden (Say It Like Dat)." SZA is finally making progress and she is in love and wants her man to herself now. She also states that she hopes he never finds out about her past. This track explores her insecurities and even though he calls her beautiful she doesn't fully believe that.

The first part of this album is about her starting off as a side chick that is insecure and looking for temporary love. She then progresses with more self-respect and now wants true love.

The production and overall uniqueness

The overall production of these tracks is amazing. I loved "Love Galore" the most. The song was produced by ThankGod4Cody and Cody Lang." The percussion instruments and how they channel from the left to right ear is hypnotizing. "Doves in the Wind" was my second favorite instrumental. You can tell the track is influenced by boom-bap and west coast rap. The lead instrument carries the beat and it was produced by Cam O'Bi.

Next on my list would have to be "The Weekend." The bass line is amazing and reminds me of a Biggie Smalls instrumental.

The song is very hypnotizing and before you know it the song is over. This song was also produced by ThankGod4Cody. The other five songs use simple beats but they are very clear and the vocals are crisp, so I would say they are all well produced.

As for the uniqueness of this album, I believe it stands out very well. There is not much R&B coming out that is as strong and beautifully produced as "Ctrl" is. What I love most about this album is the message.