The 10-part series is being developed for the National Geographic channel. It shows incidents of Einstein’s personal life and his struggles for survival. Physicist, philosopher and humanitarian, Albert is the subject of the highly anticipated television show. It is currently in post-production and will premiere soon.

Executive producer Ron Howard says that Australian Geoffrey Rush is playing the older Einstein, while Emily Watson and Gwendolyn Ellis portray his wives. Einstein has been the subject of various political events, television series, and movies.

But “Genius” sheds light on ups and downs of his personal life.

‘Genius’ –an anticipated TV show

Genius” is one of the most anticipated television shows. It is being financed and developed National Geographic, with James Hawes, Ron Howard and Minkie Spiro serving as co-producers. The series will premiere this month. The first season consists of ten episodes and follows the life of Albert Einstein. It shows how the man struggled as a physicist and developed the theory of relativity. The season is inspired by the 2007 book “Einstein, His Life and Universe” written by Walter Isaacson.

On April 19, 2017, National Geographic renewed the show for another season and has given it a date.

The first season focuses on the personal and professional life of Einstein. He worked hard to land a good job and was not appreciated for his contributions to physics, and astronomy. In addition to Geoffrey, Emily, and Gwendolyn, the program features Johnny Flynn, Nicholas Rowe, Samantha Colley, Jon Fletcher, Richard Topol, and Alicia von Rittberg.

Critical reception

Dennis Overbye of The New York Times describes the series as a "psychological thriller full of romance and political issues. According to Hillary Busis of Vanity Fair, the sitcom shows how Einstein worked hard to achieve a good rank. He fought throughout his life and was never respected for his contributions to science.

Busis quotes producer Ron Howard says that the series focuses on Albert’s love life, his friends, and enemies.

Born in 1879, Albert Einstein laid the foundation of modern physics and introduced some scientific theories. He is widely known for his mass-energy equivalence formula (E = mc2) and received a Nobel Prize in Physics for his services. Also, he discovered the laws of the photoelectric effects and laid the foundation of quantum theory. He taught at the Berlin Academy of Sciences for several years and then settled in the US. He published over 250 scientific papers and 140 non-scientific works. Much of his work is related to the theory about electric signals.