Lucas Warren, of Dalton, Ga. was chosen as Gerber’s newest spokes-baby for 2018. Lucas was chosen from 140,000 contestants vying for the coveted Gerber Baby spot.

Since the contest began 90 years ago, Lucas is the first down syndrome baby to win the spot making his win worth noting. Lucas' win sheds a much-needed light on the special needs community.

Ohio passed a bill preventing discrimination against down’s babies

When Ohio in 2016, passed a bill banning the aborting of down syndrome babies, major abortion supporters like Planned Parenthood vigorously fought the bill.

Many even seemed to celebrate when countries such as Iceland claimed to have nearly eliminated genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome. Unfortunately, the way they accomplished this was by encouraging mothers of Down's babies to abort 80 to 85 percent of children diagnosed with the genetic disorder.

So, the disorder isn’t gone, it’s just that the babies don’t live to show that it’s still there.

It’s about time the down syndrome community got a spotlight

Asher Nash made news back in 2016 when he was turned down by a modeling agency. Nash was later given a spot with Osh Kosh B'Gosh as a model after his story went viral.

But the story of Lucas Warren and other down’s children is not just about how adorable Down syndrome babies can be, it’s a story about the value that such children bring to society.

Lucas lights up the screen when you watch him

If you watch Lucas on camera and in pictures he simply lights up the screen, and it’s clear he lights up the life of his family as well. There are untold numbers of relatives of down syndrome adults that tell stories of happy relationships with down syndrome family members.

This fact often is largely left out of the discussion when it comes to topics such as abortion.

Many are gaining a love for those with Down syndrome if they happen to know someone with the syndrome, but the abortion of babies with this genetic disorder goes largely ignored if not encouraged.

There are a number of myths associated with down syndrome people

Myths that linger even to this day, generally have to do with the idea that children with Down syndrome are not smart, can’t read and write, or are incapable of success.

But children like Lucas Warren, as well, as many other downs syndrome people, are helping to break through those barriers and gain respect for those in society who may look and learn a little differently than others.